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Listen,.,, I know Sir Gawain of The Round Table wasn’t like…, the best knight ever.. bUT HE WAS THE TRUEST FRIEND AND HE DESERVED THE WORLD


Harry Potter Fancast
Emerald Fennell as Molly Weasley (née Prewett)


Arthur x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: public sex, getting caught

“John, Tommy wants you.” You called and leant against the wall, smirking at Arthur who glanced at you over his paper.

“What does he want?” John asked and you shrugged.

“Didn’t ask, don’t care I’m just happy he hasn’t asked me to do anything yet.” You grinned when he sighed and downed the last of his drink, leaving you alone with Arthur.

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‘  Arthur: What do you mean ‘it might not go the way I planned?’ and why are you telling me this now?

  Merlin: It doesn’t matter. Look here she comes. Just stand here and,… look charming.

  The original plan was to get you and Arthur close, so when Arthur confesses his feelings for you, you two would be showered in rose petals. It was quiet easy, and Merlin had to pluck every rose petal by himself. But he went the easy way and just plucked a handful. His plan was make them more with his magic when the action start.

  You walked over to Arthur.

  Y/N: So, what’s this urgent thing you wanted me to hear?

  Arthur patted his leg three times, signalling Merlin to start the rose petals.

  Arthur: I wanted to tell you that I think you are great and *here he pulls you close to him* I –umpfh

  You and Arthur fell down by the weight of the petals. It turns out that the spell Merlin used was to make an immense amount of copies. Your face was close to Arthur and it was as red as the roses.

  Arthur: I love you.

  He breathed out and kissed you softly. Then the realization hit him.

  Arthur: MERLIN!!!!!     ‘

tht-feminist  asked:

Molly and Arthur , ow did you meet/ fall in love

Molly: We met on the Hogwarts Express on our first day of Hogwarts.

Arthur: And we fell in love in about fourth year.  I was panicking (again) about how I was going to get all my homework done for the next day.

Molly: And I just shook my head and said “am I going to have to put up with this for the rest of my life?”

Arthur: And I was wondering what she meant.  She rolled her eyes and said “well, we’re obviously going to get married.”  And then suddenly my homework wasn’t important anymore.

I kind of want a fanfic with Francis being a supernatural hunter and Arthur being his boyfriend who is blissfully unaware of the supernatural world.

Like, Francis was always aware of the supernatural world. Maybe he is from a hunter family or maybe something happening in his life that made him become a hunter (like with the Winchesters, but without all the pointless drama). 

In one of his missions he met Arthur and he fell in love with the handsome grumpy Englishman.

But the catch is: Arthur is sensitive and have some psychic powers, but he didn’t have a contact stronger enough with the supernatural to wake up the full potential of his powers. So he is unawere of the supernatural world (even if he have some strange sensations from time to time).

Well, now that Francis is dating him, and Francis realize that Arthur have that potential to call the attention of the supernatural, he is desperate to keep his boyfriend unaware of it. 

Because the only way to see the supernatural world is to have some powers and to be aware of it. That is what makes Arthur not be harmed by the supernatural. If he becomes aware of the supernatural he may become a target of unwanted attention from evil stuff.

This idea can take two turns:

  • Comedy - Because, let’s face it: It can be HILARIOUS to try to hide from your clever boyfriend that you skipped a date night because it was a full moon night and you had to deal with a werewolves riot. Or any other situation like that. Like, it would be hilarious to see all the crazy stuff Francis would have to do to keep weird stuff away from Arthur and still have a healthy relationship.
  • Drama - A story about when Arthur finally find out about the supernatural (maybe because some evil creature wants him for dark purpouses). He is angry with Francis for keeping that from him, he is confused with all that stuff and Francis have to do the impossible to keep Arthur safe.

I would love to see this idea <3

Take Me Into Your Loving Arms

The ‘Imagine your OTP dancing to Thinking Out Loud in pajamas’ prompt from otpprompts inspired me too much. I had to do it.

Their lives were nothing but dysfunctional. Of course there was love and concern and care. Each other’s happiness mattered to them, no matter how hard it was to see from a third party. Regardless, it seemed to be blatantly obvious that Arthur and Francis cared for each other.

It was blinded from everyone else. When Arthur fell asleep with a book thrown across his face, it was Francis who crawled into bed next to him, wrapping his arms around his lover’s torso, and nestled him into a peaceful slumber. When Francis came home drunk from a late night out with friends, Arthur was there to peel his jacket from his slumped shoulders, hand him a glass of water, and push him into bed. They weren’t the norm, but really, who was?

College was probably the most difficult place to hold a relationship. Whether it was your fault or not, you tended to grow apart from the person you loved. They tried to spend time together; whenever they had a free minute, it was taken over by each other. But that was a rare occurrence. Classes, work, studying, all while attempting to find sleep in between. It was hard enough to eat while juggling all of that, let alone plan a date.

On one particular night, the sky a dark purple fading into black, Arthur sat at his computer desk, typing out a paper, music playing in the background as if to soothe him. He only had until the next morning to turn it in, and it was too much of a stressor. Teeth grinding, enraged, frustrated breathes huffing out of his nose, he cracked his knuckles to get the kinks out before typing once more. He could’ve stopped, taken a break. But even if he lay down for a single second, he’d pass out, and the paper would never get done.

Too preoccupied in his work, he didn’t even hear the door creak open. He didn’t hear the bag drop onto the floor. He didn’t hear the socked-footsteps pattering towards him. He barely even noticed when a pair of bare, strong arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Mon amour, you’ve been at this for hours,” Francis whispered into his ear. “Have you even stopped to eat dinner?”

“No time,” Arthur muttered, fingers refusing to stop flying across the keyboard. “If I stop now, I’ll never get back to work. I’ve gotten into my rhythm, Francis. I can’t stop now. Not until I’m done.”

With a sigh, Francis kneeled next to his computer chair, hands resting on his thighs. “You’re getting dark circles, lapin. I can hear your stomach grumbling. It’ll only take a few moments. A break will do you good.”

“Shut up,” Arthur snapped, nudging his leg to get Francis to release his grip on him. He was stubborn, he knew. And deep down, he didn’t really want to take his anger out on Francis, because he knew he was right. He was tired. And hungry. All he wanted was a blueberry scone and then to pass out in his bed. But he couldn’t do that until his bloody paper was done.

His music changed from rough and angry to soft and melodious, but that only put him into a bigger slump. Typing to the beat of a song was sort of his thing. How was he supposed to type to Ed Sheeran and not get distracted, let alone sexually frustrated?

Suddenly, a pair of hands gently grabbed his wrists and pulled them away from the keyboard. Forced into a standing position, he turned around to glare at Francis who was smiling fondly at him. Holding out his hand, palm up, he said, “Dance with me, Arthur.”

He rolled his eyes. “You are the dumbest, cheesiest person I have ever met.”

“And you love me. Now, come, dance with me.” Francis tugged him closer, their chest touching, heartbeats jumping through their clothed bodies. Francis’s arms traced their way across Arthur’s shoulders, down the slope of his waist, and came to rest upon his hips.

“I have to write my paper,” Arthur grumbled, but if he were being honest, he much preferred his current state to his previous one.

“Hush,” Francis said. “Just relax, Arthur. You’re going to go crazy if you keep this up.”

He could’ve retaliated easily, even broken out of the grip he was being held in. If he showed true discomfort or fury, Francis would let him go, he always did. But he didn’t want to be let go, not right now. Not ever really. He wasn’t one who was good with feelings; they were far too mysterious and foreign for him to comprehend. What he had for Francis though, that was something that made his pulse jump and made his stomach squeeze into itself.

So he let himself be held, swaying away to a cliché, overplayed pop song. The lyrics were whispered in his ears, only to make the situation more like a romantic drama that played on Lifetime. He couldn’t say he truly minded.

For those few minutes that the song played on, the moment never had to end. And it didn’t. Even when it did, he refused to pull away, resting against his boyfriend’s shoulder, smiling into the soft skin of his neck. Francis pressed a light kiss to his forehead, his arms tightening around Arthur even more.

They could worry about their problems and prior commitments another time, another hour, another day. Right now, all they needed was to stand in the silence of a dark dorm room, holding each other as the computer screen faded into a deep sleep.


Week Four of themerlinartsfest2015 – Prompt – Song – Pompeii by Bastille.

And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love
Great clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above

But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
You’ve been here before?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?

Merlin and Arthur fell in love as teenagers in Camelot. Merlin knew that Arthur was destined to be the once and future king of Camelot. He also knew that the laws were very strict about magic users in Camelot. If Uther found out that Merlin had magic, he would be ostracized from the country that he loved.

Unfortunately, Merlin was arrested as a magic user after using his powers to save a child from drowning. The laws in Camelot were very clear. No one with magic shall be allowed to live. The rules now allowed a death sentence to be translated into a banishment from Camelot. Even a pardon from the courts couldn’t change this rule.

Arthur tried desperately to save his love from being condemned to leave the only home he had ever known. He would never see Giaus or Hunith again unless they travelled out of the country. Merlin’s fledgling medical practice would be shuttered and closed. Worst of all, Merlin and Arthur were never to see each other again.

Arthur appealed to his father for leniency and compassion. Merlin has used his magic for the good of the people. He wasn’t a dark wizard with plans to destroy their country. But Uther’s stance on magic never wavered even as he told Arthur he would lose his right to succession if he chose to leave with Merlin.

Merlin knew there was only one choice. He had to leave Camelot alone and leave everything and everyone he loved because Arthur was destined to be the once and future King that was prophesied in the ancient magic books. If he stayed Uther would banish his own son as well. 

But if you close your eyes,Does it almost feel like Nothing changed at all?