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I have more school pride for Hogwarts than my actual school.

I was reading order of the phoenix the other day and reminder that Harry was included in molly weasleys boggart which makes me cry so much

Remus Lupin + “Now you’re all I want.”

Remus Lupin had reserved himself to a life of solitude. He was fine with the prospect of living out his days alone. Until you walked into his life. You were younger then him, seven years his junior; he was a poor werewolf with no prospects, no future, and you were this bright witch who didn’t care about his affliction or the monster that hid under his skin. You were everything he could ever want and he was nothing you deserved.

At first, when your flirting was subtle, he could pretend he was imagining it; because there was no way you were stupid enough to knowingly flirt with a werewolf. But as time went on and your advances got bolder and your affection didn’t wane, you seemingly became part of him. You- your eyes and your laugh -were always on his mind, and his heart fluttered every time someone mentioned your name or your stunning smile crossed his line of sight.

And then Jeff Porter entered your life and he wanted nothing more than to throttle this new male. The young Aurora had been introduced to you by a mutual friend who thought it was time you found a little love because times were dark and everyone needed someone.

“Remus,” Sirius tried, the werewolf was across the room glaring harshly at the younger man making you laugh. Forget spells and hexes your laugh was what proved magic existed in this world.

“What?” he growled. The full moon was in a week’s time but Remus could feel the wolf clawing at the back of his mind, snarling- begging -to be let out so it could show this newcomer exactly whose mate you were.

“Talk to her,” Sirius insisted, “Tonks has said she’s in love with you-”

“So?” Though the thought of your declaration did make him feel somewhat better.

“So no blond git is going to change that.” Sirius glanced at Sirius rom the corner of his eye, and then to Jeff Porter and you, and nodded stiffly. He swiftly walked over to the pair.

He gently touched your elbow, you turned to him with this electrifying smile and his heart stuttered, “Remus.” Jeff Porter seemed put off that Remus had joined them, not that he cared. In fact the frown that marred the handsome young man’s face seemed to give Remus a boost of confidence.

“Hey,” he breathed, “Can I speak to you? Privately-just for a moment.” You nodded and turned to Jeff,

“I’ll be back.” Remus had lead both you and himself up the creaky steps of Grimmauld Place and into the room he’d been staying in. ONce the door was shut he leaned against it, facing you. It was quiet for a moment, comfortable, you didn’t rush him to speak.

“Are you with Porter?” He blurted out ungracefully. You arched an eyebrow at him,

“With as in-”

“Dating. Are you dating him?” You giggled and shook you head. Remus let out a breath of air he hadn’t known he’d been holding.

“Why?” You wondered, teasingly, “Jealous?”

“Yes.” Your mouth feel open slightly, not expecting that from the werewolf. “See,” he continued, stepping closer and closer to you, chest to chest, until not even a sheet of parchment could fit between, “All my life I’ve learned to accept the fact that no one will want me because of what I am. I learned to keep my eyes to myself and not get my hopes up, not want relationships because they’d never work; but then-then you walked into my life-” he took a deep breath of air and his burning eyes meet your shining ones, “And now you’re all I want.”

It was quiet for a moment before he asked you, “Do you still want me? Poor an-”

You kissed him. Hard. The nails on one hand scraped against his scalp while the other arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer. His hands placed themselves at your hips as his teeth pulled at your bottom lip.

Moments later for no other reason then yo breath Remus pulled away from you and smiled. It was safe to say you still wanted him.

And can I sleep all night long to the drums of the city rain?


Being really close friends with the Marauders and when someone from Slytherin attacks you writing ‘Mudblood’ on your wrist they are more than angry. When the boys find out who it was they all know exactly what to do so they go to the Slytherin common room with a few others (Prewett twins, Sturgis Podmore, Edgar Bones, Dedalus Diggle, Benjy Fenwick, Caradoc Dearborn and even Frank Longbottom, Teddy Tonks and Arthur Weasley)  and start a fight with the Slytherin students starts in the middle of the common room.



Anyone else have that notp that makes you really angry and even ill when someone brings it up cause “how the hell could you ship them?” Just thinking about them makes me so angry

The Wonder Years

Sitcom screen play can be read here: FFN | AO3

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A fun loving, silly one-shot of the Marauders and friends if they were alive during the 80’s. An intro/theme song of their TV show The Wonder Years.

Honestly, this is pure trash.

I wrote this for @siriusblackfoot because their post resonated with me and JKR really did rob us of this quality content.