arthur dead

Shaun of the Dead AU
  • Gwaine: Well, I wasn't the one who blowing our cover by arguing with my boyfriend
  • Arthur: He's not my boyfriend
  • Merlin: *offer drink* Might be a bit warm, the coolers of
  • Arthur: *grab it* Thanks Babe

it’s weird how bland the weasleys’ names are compared other ones in the hp universe. wilhelmina grubby-plank, anyone? look at the whole damn black clan – regulus, phineas nigellus, narcissa. it is a parade of anomalous names. gellert, fenrir, merope.

and then the weasleys go with… bill, charlie, fred, george. and i am convinced that this is because arthur thought common muggle names were chic and possibly more convenient when he takes his sprogs shopping at tescos for spark plugs