arthur cp

I nearly cry every time I reach the part of Zurich when Arthur realises Gordon was lying about his mother being called Gertie. He just sounds so betrayed… Even after everything Gordon’s done to him and Carolyn, he was still willing to believe that Gordon had a shred of decency buried deep down. But then it turns out he’s just as bad as he always has been; he’s failed Arthur one time too many until he can’t hold on to that last, flickering hope that maybe his father isn’t so bad after all, and Arthur - Arthur who’s always the forgiving optimist, seeing the best in everyone - has run out of chances to give him.

Up until this point, he’s sounded afraid and upset whenever Gordon’s around (which is absolutely awful in itself), but this is the first time that he’s put his foot down and refused to give Gordon his trust. And that’s definitely a good thing, because Gordon doesn’t deserve his trust, but it still breaks my heart. It’s like he’s lost the last bit of innocent naïvety that made him so Arthur, and it’s Gordon’s fault.

My emotions are very conflicted right now. (Except for the one that wants to hit Gordon in the face with an aeroplane’s tail fin. That one’s pretty clear.)