arthur artie

I like to pretend that Harry and Ginny’s second child is named Arthur instead of Albus. And then instead of Severus as his middle name, I pretend that it’s Fred, Remus, Alastor, Kingsley, Dobey, Hagrid, Cedric, Ron, Lavander Brown, Cho Chang, Micheal Corner, Fresh Parchment, Rock… or a great number of other things that would be more acceptable

Pick up lines are not always the most effective way to swoon the person you love
  • Alfred: Hey. Hey, Artie. Art—
  • Arthur: WHAT?
  • Alfred: *giggles* Are you fondue?
  • Arthur: *sighs* N—
  • Alfred: 'Cause I'm fond of u.
  • Arthur: oh my fucking god.
  • Alfred: Hey Arthur. Arthur.
  • Arthur: ...
  • Alfred: Are you a whale?
  • Arthur: *prepares for himself for the disaster that is to come*
  • Alfred: cause we could humpback at my place. *dies of laughter*
  • Arthur: *SCREAMS*