arthur arden

                 ever get the feeling that someone looks familiar? and suddenly, 
                 it hits you. but who are they? what’s going on?

                                           when did i become us?

a new group au for members of the american horror story and orphan black fandoms where the clones from project LEDA find out about a whole new batch of clones made by doctor arthur arden. check out the blog or contact tumblr user swxmpy for more information. 

                                                           welcome to the trip horror show


The most prominent real-life AHS character references (I know there are plenty others). The historical figure is on the right and the show’s interpretation is on the left.

so are we gonna talk about how they connected freak show to asylum again by throwing in hans gruPER AKA DOCTOR ARDEN

So I just noticed this and thought it was pretty cool. I think this was the first scene Mary Eunice and Dr Arden are seen together in and the red lens flare type thing is probably foreshadowing their dramatic demise where he burns himself and her corpse in the furnace. Don’t know if this has been done before I just thought it was pretty awesome.