arthur and the real mr ratburn

what’s the episode where…? vol. 4

that’s Binky Barnes, Art Expert - season 2 ep 2!

that’s Nerves of Steal - season 5 ep 2!

it’s real! it was from one of the later seasons, So Funny I Forgot To Laugh. arthur had been teasing sue ellen pretty relentlessly, to the point where she told mr ratburn about it. and arthur, angry at having been told off, wrote her that non-apology. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recommended Ratburn episodes? I haven't seen the show in forever, and it would make me feel so happy to see a few of his episodes, since he was my favorite growing up! Funny story, I went on his wiki one day to see if I had the right character in mind and the page glitched to the trivia part, in short, I forgot my name is also the name of a Native American tribe and it scared the crap out of me

hmm!! The Rat Who Came To Dinner is a real classic, so i’d defs reccomend that. Dad’s Dessert Dilemma has the infamous “oh, are you having cake?” line so that’s good too. Arthur and the Real Mr Ratburn, of course, for the ratburn origin story. ALSO an honorary mention to Best of the Nest - while not ratburn-centric, it does have my favourite ratburn scene in the entire show: him learning how to use the internet and immediately discovering a bunraku puppetry discussion group