arthur alvarez


Year End 2014

Kyle : Outdoor is free. Airtime.  Making images.  New projects.  Progressing.  Laughing till it hurts.  Making due with what you have.  Redlining.  Ambition.   

Arthur : Sunrise. Fog. Coastlines. Perseverance. Patience. Exhaustion. Healing. Strength. Change.

John : Personal growth. Freelance. Hustling. Hard times. Long days. Long miles.  Multiple Exposures. Eating. Sleeping. Still hungry.

Terry : Travel often. Print > screen. Push yourself. Wake up earlier. Smile always. Forever rolling. Less is more. Make zines. Longer rides. Support local artists.    


Zion, Utah

One of the most beautiful places in the world. Individual elements work together to provide picturesque views in every direction. Blue skies compliment the monolithic red rocks, while green plants pepper those rocks and inject life. When the lights dim, the ephemeral golden hues of the sun fade into a delicate haze. A layer so intense that it justifies the hike, climb, swim, or life threatening experience it took to be where you are to witness this painting come to life.   

Outer Sunset - San Francisco California - Arthur Alvarez

For nearly 5 years, I lived within walking distance of Bernal Hill on Cesar Chavez in the Mission. I fell in love with the hill from the first time my friend Katrina took me up there. It became my sanctuary. There was nothing quite like cruising up and looking over SanFrancisco from this giant dirt ball. It was as challenging to get up there, as it was visually rewarding to be there. Unfortunately, all things must come to an end, and I was EllisAct ‘d out of my home along with the rest of the apartment’s tenants. Eventually, finding myself in this rad little studio across from OceanBeach . Suddenly, I had this massive body of water in my front yard. Bars and cafes were replaced with bakeries and surf shops. I quickly fell in love with the #outersunset , but something was missing. I didn’t have my peaceful walks up Bernal anymore. My sanctuary was across town in what a local would almost call another state. It was within reach, but kind of not. At that point I started to miss my old place, and it sparked a new desire to go out and be a tourist. It was then that I learned about this little gem called Grand View. After climbing up the massive flight of stairs, I was presented with a sight that was both different and familiar. Not quite Bernal, with it’s crazy macro view of downtown, but something else. That something else, being epic sunsets over endless waters. Sure, it’s not the exact same, but views like this definitely ease the transition. I guess what I’m trying to say is, home is not a matter of where we are, but where we love to be.