arthur (tv show)

  • me, after watching 4 to 6 episodes of a new tv show / reading a new book: well fuck
  • me, after realising that i've discovered yet another fucking ship to dedicate my life to: ahh fuckity fuck

“Benedict and I do have this chemistry on-set, you know, that doesn’t even particularly have anything to do with good acting - even though, obviously, he’s a brilliant actor - but there’s something more personal about it, you know, it’s like love…Oh God, why did I phrase it that way?“ - Martin Freeman


Oh Brother, we go deeper than the ink beneath the skin of our tattoos, and when you’re in the trenches and you’re under fire I will cover you - Brother, Kodaline.

Credit if you use, I edited these images and made the mood boards/colour palettes from scratch, thanks!