arthritis on tumblr

o gee i wonder if anyone’s gonna get pissed at me over this comic.

but seriously I have no idea where this stigma of ‘Likes are worthless’ came about. I’ve been saying it’s stupid for a long time. Now I’m saying it in visual form, yay!

Reblogs are nice, this is true. They’re more useful to an artist than likes, also true, and are especially appreciated if there’s commentary added in in the captions or tags. But, Likes are still worthwhile in their own right, and by no means are you ever obligated to reblog someone’s art. While they’d like it if you did, it is your blog and they cannot force you to share it on there if you don’t want to, no matter how badly they try to guilt trip you.

Also I’m getting mighty tired of comics speaking on my behalf and falsely asserting that I as an artist don’t appreciate likes. So can we stop these silly attempts at guilt tripping people now, and stop complaining about people who like our work? They seriously started cropping up like a fad.

also plz reblawg mah comic dont liek it jus reblawg if u dont u R DISRPETCTRAN ME AS AN ARTHRITIS