the worst thing is seeing an awesome article about a disabled person kicking ass and then scrolling down to see all the bullshit ableist comments.

“omg now anyone who says they can’t do it really need to step up!!!”
“wow!!! no one has any excuse any more!!!”
“the only real disability is a negative attitude!!!”

no, fuck you.
i’m 100% sure that disabled person didn’t want their success and hard work to be used as an excuse to shame other disabled folks. 

I hate the lifestyle my illness has forced me to live. I wish I could go out more, be more spontaneous and not have to constantly cancel plans last minute

~Kokiri’s Potion for Rheumatism~


  • 3 pieces of fresh ginger
  • 1 tsp of tumeric
  • a pinch of mugwort
  • a sprig of catnip
  • a squirt of lemon
  • honey(optional)
  • a tea bag

purpose of this spell:
decrease aches in joints caused by chronic pain or illness

gather ingredients together in the kitchen
add the ginger, mugwort, tumeric, and catnip to the tea bag
focus intent while cutting the ginger and clipping the catnip
boil water
((this is when I draw sigils in the cup with honey for health))
add tea bag to cup
sprinkle another pinch of tumeric in while steeping in a clockwise movement
let steep for 3-5 minutes, add lemon squirt

this is my simple go-to tea for my arthritis and chronic pain, as well as a good tea for when someone is sick as catnip helps break fevers