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Hi there! I was just wondering, as I think I remember you saying you did some mixed practice work, what the client base was like in mixed practice/large animal? I always hear about the... uncooperative, so to say... client stories in small animal practice. I work in a smallies clinic currently as a Cattery Attendant, and certainly have dealt with some interesting clients. Do you find the same in large animal practice? From, a curious Vetling that (at this stage) wants to do mixed practice! :) x

Uncooperative clients are everywhere.

You cannot escape them.

You have only two options:

  1. Retrain them.
  2. Change jobs to a far away clinic to avoid the one in particular that drives you inside.

Mixed animal practice has a special type of uncooperative client which owns both large animals (cattle, sheep or horses) and small animals (dogs or cats). They often come in with their dogs on a horse lead or lunge rope.

Large animal practice and small animal practice work a little differently, and some of these clients expect more from a clinic than typical clients would. Things that I’ve had happen include:

  • Arguing about the price difference between a consultation fee for a dog, which was seen in the practice building, and a consultation fee for a horse which was seen at the owner’s properly half an hour away.
  • Picking up parasite products for their dog or cat, but also wanting prescription products for their horse, which we have not examined, which is illegal.
  • Taking phenylbutazone for their horse and administering it to their arthritic dog, just because they decided it was a good idea, and inducing kidney failure.

Crazy cat ladies (or gents, etc) I can handle, but crazy horse people were something else entirely.

Herb - Lavender

Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

(Side note: This is a wonder-herb. I love it. Not only is it great in witchcraft, but it’s super for around the home remedies. Under medicinal properties, I’ve only added a small portion of information and there’s still a great deal.)

Magical Properties

- Lavender flowers are commonly used for seeking love, healing, and inner calm.

- It’s burned at during Litha as an offering.

- It can be burned, used in a bath, or strewn around a place for purification, promoting peace, stress relief, and anger management.

- It’s believed to be liked by fey, in particular, elves. It’s also used to increase sensitivity to other entities and to aid in communication with spirits.

- Protection: Worn to protect against abuse, used for psychic protection, protects against nightmares, protection during travel, etc.

- Grown in gardens to bring luck.

- In some traditions, bundles of lavender were given to women during childbirth to bring courage and strength.

- It’s sometimes used to increase the potency and duration of spells.

- Common uses: Consecration and cleansing, happiness, healing, love, peace, and protection.

- Also used for: aiding divination, luck, gentleness, harmony, meditation, memory, stability, liberation, clairvoyance and passion. Associated with chastity, secrets, vigour, weddings, attracting money and menopause. Used in dealings with dreams and sleep. Can help people deal with loss.

Medicinal Properties

- Lavender is one of the few essential oils gentle enough to be applied directly to skin. However, when as an essential oil, it should only be used externally - especially with animals.

- Soaking in a bath with added lavender oil eases depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and it can improve circulation.It also helps with the aches and pains that come alongside with pregnancy.

- It’s an effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

- To ease headaches, apply a drop of lavender oil to the temples.

- It’s used to repel insects (Side note: When I was younger, head lice were a major problem. Using shampoo with lavender extracts in it or adding lavender essential oil to it will kill head lice and with continued use, repel them).

- Lavender is reputed for it’s aid in sleep. Combine it with valerian or chamomile in tea, use oil in an evening bath, sprinkle a drop on your pillowcase, or add dried lavender to sleep pillow mixtures.

- It’s sometimes combined with rosemary in relieving arthritis, sore muscles and nerve pain. Lavender can also be used in a massage oil to relieve arthritic stiffness in older dogs.

- For a remedy to burns and sunburns, apply a wet cloth with witch hazel and a few drops of lavender essential oil to the burn.

- Dot essential oils of lavender, tea tree, lemon, and witch hazel on blemishes and acne to kill bacteria.


- Burned to induce sleep and rest

- Lavender will also keep insects away

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Just read a story about a person who buried his arthritic 10 year old dog alive; and it made me wonder how animal abusers are treated in prison? And is there any hierarchy in prisons?

That’s absolutely awful - that poor dog. There certainly is a hierarchy with child killers/abusers at the very bottom along with snitches. However, I’m unsure of how animal abusers are treated in prison. I imagine they have little to zero respect but probably aren’t specifically targeted.

The arthritic dog who became an internet sensation after picture of his owner soothing him in a lake went viral has died a month after he turned 20.

John Unger, owner of Schoep the German Shepherd, announced his pet’s death by posting a photograph of a pawprint in the sand on Facebook with the caption: ‘I breathe but I can’t catch my breath’.

Underneath the picture, which gained 24,000 likes and 49,000 comments within hours, he wrote simply: 'Schoep passed yesterday.  More information in the days ahead.’

The story of loyal dog Schoep, from Wisconsin, became an international sensation when the picture of Unger wading in Lake Superior with him was viewed by millions last year.

Since then, their story has served as the inspiration for a charity called the Schoep Legacy Foundation which has raised more than $25,000 to help low-income families care for their aging dogs thanks to donations from people as far away as Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Mr Unger’s photographer friend Hannah Stonehouse Hudson captured the heartbreaking moment between the man and his aging rescue dog in Wisconsin when Mr Unger realised his best friend was at the end of his life.

Mr Unger said he credited his dog with getting him through a difficult period of his life. He and his ex-fiancée adopted Schoep 19 years ago, but when the relationship ended, Mr Unger was on the brink of suicide.

“To be honest with you, I don’t think I’d be here if I didn’t have Schoep with me (that night). He just snapped me out of it. I don’t know how to explain it. He just snapped me out of it. I just want to do whatever I can for this dog because he basically saved my ass”, he said last month.

I shut down again. I went blank. One minute I was spinning, and the next minute my mind was dragging itself around in a circle, like an old, arthritic dog trying to lay down. And then I just turned off and went to sleep, but not sleep in the way you do every night. Think a long, dark sleep where you don’t dream at all
—  All the Bright Places (Jennifer Niven)