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break time 🍓 🍓 this friendship is something merlin needed tbh. oh well!

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ArTh, EE, Apos taking care of Child! Celestial! Reader headcanons?

Arme Thaumaturgy isn’t sure what to do with human young ones, and he’s only got a vaguely better idea on how to deal with kids of his own kind.  He was, after all, formed fully-grown by Ishmael’s word.  He’s not sure why you were created as a child, actually, but hey, he’s never been one to question Ishmael’s word.  He gives you basically everything you ask for and treats you like he would any adult.

Erbluhen Emotion comes closer to being a proper “parent”.  He actually sets down rules and guidelines for your behavior like he’s seen human parents do, and yells at you whenever you step out of line.  You have no doubt that he’s unconditionally fond of you, even if all his emotional capacity still isn’t enough to feel proper ‘love’.

Apostasia tries his best to stay far, far away from you, on Arme’s orders. Arme doesn’t want Apos’ corruption near your young and impressionable body.  When Apostasia does manage to get close to you, he treats you gingerly, both of you avoiding the topic of Ishmael.

🐾welsh animal vocab🐾

🐶 dog - ci
🐱 cat - cath
🐭 mouse - llygoden fach
🐰 rabbit - cwningen
🐻 bear - arth
🐯 tiger - teigr
🦁 lion - llew
🐮 cow - buwch
🐷 pig - mochyn
🐸 frog - broga
🐵 monkey - mwnci
🐔 chicken - iâr
🐺 fox - cadno, llwynog
🐗 boar - baedd
🐴 horse - ceffyl
🐝 bee - gwenynen
🐛 caterpillar - lindys
🐌 snail/slug - malwoden
🐞 lady bird - buwch fach goch
🐜 ant - morgrugyn
🕷 spider - corryn
🦀 crab - cranc
🐍 snake - neidr
🐢 tortoise - crwban
🐠 fish - pysgodyn
🐳 whale - morfil


mothy’s new album Trinity confirmed to be about the Three heroes! And Arth apparently!

I wonder if the new song “His king was born from mud” is about Arth… since it’s also sung by Kagamine Len (if you haven’t heard that song is from the vocalocreation album).

Side note! I think Anne is also on the cover next to Arth, as you can tell from that white and yellow dress next to Arth’s yellowish cape.