OKAYOKAYOKAY B U T Aliens that only have mates to reproduce. Once every couple of moons they find their partner, do the do, then find a completely different one the next cycle. Imagine these aliens being confused about the human concept of marriage - “you stay with them for life?“ - and not understanding that while yes, Intaquk, you are very attractive I am married so no I will not be your mate this season. Imagine Valentines Day rolling around and one of a crews humans is feeling sad and the aliens are like “yo r u okay should we feed u or something is this natrual” and the human “just kinda bummed i dont have a valentines” and after a bit of research of the holiday one of the aliens gets down on one knee and offers the human a small rock like “I heard these..proposals are common in human culture?” AND THE HUMAN JUST STARTS SMILING AND TAKES THE PEBBLE LIKE ‘thank you fruiyo’ AND THE OTHER HUMANS AROUND START GUSHING OVER HOW ADORABLE THE SCENE WAS. THE ALIENS PICK UP ON HOW THESE PROPOSALS MAKE THE HUMANS ELATED, THEREFORE SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE ARE PROPOSED TO WITHIN THE MONTH A N D

2ps as High School Teachers

2p!America: History Teacher

  • Okay but first off, this dude is like Alfred with Science, He LOVES History
  • Especially U.S. History but he still loves all of history around the world
  • He’s not a big fan of the textbooks
  • Which he believes are wrong and when one thing is wrong he throws a fit
  • His class is next to James’s English Class
  • So James and his students hear Al’s rage about History books being wrong
  • Al’s class loves these fits. They find it hilarious
  • James, however, does not.

2p!Canada: English Teacher

  • His class is next to Al’s
  • He will hear Al rage about the textbooks while in the middle of teaching his class
  • Suddenly he has to stop when he hears a thump against the wall
  • He knows Allan threw the damn book
  • So now he has to leave his class and go calm Al down and remind him that Damaging property and cussing out the textbook is gonna get him fired
  • James also corrects Al Grammar
  • Which Further just angers Al who calls him a Grammar Nazi

2p!England: Foods Teacher/Home Ec

  • Sweetest Teacher ever
  • Unless you are really REALLY Bad
  • Shares what his class bakes with the other teachers plus the Principle
  • He’s known for an “Incident” that happened a few years back but all the students then have graduated since, so now only the faculty know what happened back then
  • No one likes to talk about it
  • Poor Kid should have been more careful than to anger Ollie

2p!France: French Teacher

  • Often gets personal treats from Oliver. All the students of them both ship it
  • Why the hell are you taking his class?
  • He’s more like a college professor, honestly?
  • He doesn’t care if you skip or not as long as you get the work done
  • Very laid back and lets his students listen to their music
  • Does care for his students but they should know how to be responsible

2p!China: Study Hall Teacher

  • Everyone loves him
  • Everyone knows he smokes weed
  • He’s dealt Weed to a kid before
  • Possibly dealt other drugs as well
  • Loves to let his class have small parties
  • Still makes sure they do their work though
  • Helps them if they need any help
  • Is seriously Chill and practically friends with the student body

2p!Russia: Principle

  • Wonders how his life came to this
  • Has tried to kick out Flavio so many times but he keeps coming back
  • Eventually he gave up
  • Also gave up on threatening Allan every time Allan threw a tantrum over the History Books
  • He’s really tired of this school
  • Natasha is a secretary in the office
  • Kat is the vice principle
  • Someone please give this man a break

2p!Italy: Art Teacher

  • Passionate about Art
  • He encourages his students with their art
  • Locks the door to his classroom so Flavio can’t get in
  • one student always unlocks the damn door
  • Lutz comes in during his free periods just to annoy Luciano 
  • Luciano has come so close to stabbing Lutz with a paintbrush
  • try him fucker
  • He’ll use your blood as paint

2p!Germany: Gym Teacher

  • Loves his job
  • Surprisingly Lazy when he wants to be
  • Loves his students
  • Usually has fun games planned for each day
  • Actually does have favorite students
  • Klaus picked out the gym uniforms
  • Lutz may have tried to get something more inappropriate
  • Klaus would not allow it
  • He’s a good teacher for the most part

2p!Prussia: Librarian

  • Everyone knows him yet everyone has a hard time noticing him
  • He hears a lot of gossip from kids in the library
  • Will tell Flavio cause he begs
  • Viktor actually likes him
  • Cause he does his fucking job
  • Passive aggressive little shit though like with Andres and unlocking the door
  • Also with the grammar nazi thing, he’ll sometimes walk by as James and Al argue 
  • when the brothers get to that point they freeze
  • Outside the door
  • The cold, red stare of the Prussian warns
  • ‘Say another thing and it’s your lives you should worry about not your jobs’
  • Is nice to the students
  • Won’t take shit from the teachers/Faculty (Unless they are Viktor)

2p!Japan: Math Teacher

  • Everyone sees him as a mean/Terrible teacher
  • A lot of his students think he’s still hot though
  • Like damn boii
  • Xiao randomly busts in his class cause he gets bored
  • Kuro kicks him out
  • Literally
  • He’ll even barricade the door if he must
  • Just keep Xiao out
  • Anyways, he’s actually a pretty chill teacher.
  • Just study up and take notes

2p!Romano: Literally just goes to the school to gossip with everyone even the students. He’s not even a teacher.

  • He’s mainly there for his brother and Andres
  • Viktor has tried to keep him out of the school 
  • Flavio has ways though, honey
  • He’s down for rumors and gossip
  • Usually goes to Klaus for details because Klaus knows all of it
  • He’ll keep the PDA away from the student’s eyes. Only cause he knows Viktor will seriously kick him out if he’s seen kissing Andres
  • And Andres wouldn’t stop Viktor
  • So PDA in front of students is a no no

2p!Spain: Spanish Teacher

  • Really fucking lazy
  • Like…really
  • He knows the student’s don’t care much to learn his language
  • So he only teaches the kids who care to learn
  • Everyone else just goes to a different room like the library and do their own thing
  • Also tries to lock his class room door
  • Does not work
  • Klaus is the lil shit who unlocks the door for Flavio
  • Fuck you, Klaus
  • He’s actually a good teacher when he puts forth effort
  • But like I said
  • Only puts forth effort for students who put forth effort back
Introduction to; BTS!

Disclaimer; This is my first time doing an ‘introduction’ to a group post, so I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t already know who BTS is, I hope it helps a lot!

Meet BTS // Bangtan Boys // 방탄소년단! (Bangtan Sonyeondan - Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

(Back row, left to right; Jungkook, RapMonster, J-HOPE, Jin)

(Front Row, left to right; V, Suga, Jimin)

BTS are a 7 member boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They first debuted on June 13 2013 with their debut single No More Dream (we’ll get into their songs and MV’s later so bare with!) BTS fandom name is A.R.M.Y ( Adorable Representative M.C for Youth)

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anonymous asked:

Soulmate au with Mingyu?

  • au where u see half the colours in the world, and ur soulmate sees the other half
  • the only way you’d be able to see everything in colour is if u and ur soulmate make eye contact
  • ur actually a very shy person who doesn’t like eye contact, so ur kinda scared that one day u might meet ur soulmate and not know, bc u didn’t make eye contact w them
  • ur also an art student, and ur most recent assignment is to paint using only the colours that are black and white to u
  • as a broke student with bad priorities and a lack of sleep u spend most of ur mornings getting caffeinated up in this local coffee shop, where u always work on ur (most un-messy) art assignments
  • and ur regular vists has nothing whatsoever to do with the super cute waiter that works there (,,of course) who u always spy nosily watching u when ur drawing or painting
  • one morning whilst ur there, u try to experiment with ur black and white colours- but u just feel frustrated as u can’t tell whether the colours clash or not
  • u give up after a while so get up to leave, but accidentally drop ur art book on the floor without realising
  • kindly a waiter picks it up for u
  • the cute waiter, u realise
  • u expect for him to give it back but he stares at it for a few moments and u feel ur heart begin to race (u immediately assume ur having a minor heart attack)
  • you’ve never rly let anyone look at ur art before, let alone ur hopeless coffee shop crush
  • altho u don’t look at his face, u can sense he’s smiling
  • and he gushes “it’s so pretty!!!! i love the colours!!! wow”
  • u still can’t bring urself look at him bc u feel so flustered, so u just nervously mumble “t-thank you” and quickly go to take it from him before hurrying away
  • u could’ve sworn u momentarily saw all the colours fill the world as u blinked, but then they disappeared, so u dismiss it
  • u feel slightly intrigued by the fact that it could’ve been the cute waiter who may be ur soulmate, so u curiously head back a few days later
  • after you’ve been drawing for about an hour u feel the same waiter hovering by ur table
  • u can practically feel his gorgeousness radiating onto u
  • self-consciously, u can’t bring urself to look up at him, but u can feel ur heart beginning to fasten again and u don’t know why
  • he sits down opposite u and from the corner of ur eye u can see him ooze this beautiful grin
  • he says “ur art is amazing!!! i don’t understand how u can combine colours so well like that”
  • u feel urself flush, and thank him in a small voice then admit “i-i can’t see these colours, it’s just guess-work, really”
  • u see his lips form an ‘o’ shape
  • then he asks “can i see the rest of ur book???“ and then his face reddens a little as he says “i rly love ur artwork”
  • u realise ur having yet another heart attack
  • cute waiter guy actually likes my art !!!!!!
  • so, sheepishly, u go to hand him ur book
  • and as he takes it, u momentarily see the world in colour again
  • ur entire body goes rigid in confusion
  • he seems to pause too, but then he just clears his throat and begins leafing through ur art
  • he suddenly stops and perplexedly asks “why is the rest in black and white?”
  • ur about to frown and reply with “it’s not” when u suddenly realise it would be too much of a coincidence that he can see the colours u can’t, whilst u can see the colours he can’t
  • so u nervously look up
  • and ur eyes finally meet
  • and it truly is the most beautiful thing in the world as ur entire world is flooded with colour
  • u see his eyes widen as he experiences the same thing
  • he’s speechless for a few moments and then he reflexively blurts “i’m mingyu”
  • “i-i’m y/n”
  • he repeats ur name under his breath as he breaks into this massive beaming smile
  • and u think to urself that the art in front of u isnt just the scribbles inside ur art book, but the cute waiter mingyu who just so happens to be ur soulmate
First Dates With - T.O.P

Originally posted by s-tttop

  • Mr. T.O.P would be either nervous about it or not
  • Above all else though, he would have a calm demeanor
  • He’d take you to a cafe first and then an art museum
  • At first, it was a little awkward
  • He was only staring at your face for roughly ten minutes
  • He couldn’t help it, he found you beautiful
  • You’d ask him a question
  • He didn’t hear it though
  • He was focused on your smile
  • You said it again, with a small smile tugging your lips
  • Thus started a long conversation that took a good hour
  • You got to see the funny/goofy side of him
  • It made you smile seeing him laugh
  • He then realized that you guys took longer than he expected at the cafe
  • So he asked you politely if you’d still like to go to the museum with him
  • He smiled when you agreed to go with him
  • He held the cafe and car door open for you as you left
  • Because he is the gentlemen his mother raise him to be
  • As he drove you to the museum he talked about art
  • He talked about his favorite artists
  • About his favorite museum
  • He was so passionate about it, and you could see it
  • Once he got to the museum he opened the doors for you again
  • And you said “thank you” because you have manners too
  • Of course, you followed him through the museum
  • Stopping every once and awhile at yours and his favorite pieces
  • It was amazing watching him talk about the things he loves
  • You would just stare at him as he explained the different colors
  • How the deeper and darker shades corresponded with certain feelings
  • You got to see another side of him that no camera would ever see
  • It was nice
  • It was your turn to stare at him for roughly ten minutes
  • He noticed it
  • He teased you for it
  • But when you were staring at one of the artworks he would stare
  • You were studying it carefully and he loved it
  • Although you might not have been as passionate as him, he was glad that you liked it
  • As he took you back home you would talk again
  • As you got closer to your place comfortable silence started to settle in
  • His hand would inch towards yours as he drove
  • He would hold your hand as he walked you to your door
  • He would say goodbye to you smiling
  • You smiled and asked for another date
  • Your smile got bigger as he said yes
  • A little awkwardly, you would close the door
  • Leaving him to walk back to his car
  • Promising to himself that the next date he would plan something that you were passionate about

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