Michael was so distraught when his little girl came to him early one Tuesday morning, asking if he could style her hair into two braids. When he politely asked her why, she simply replied excitedly, “All the other girls have them, daddy!” 

And so he searched up a quick tutorial on the internet, mumbling quietly to himself as he parted his daughter’s blonde hair into two sections before further dividing those two parts into three. And although he tried–he tried so damn hard–he found himself growing confused, unable to remember if this piece had already looped over that piece, and if he was supposed to make the braids tight or loose. The clock was ticking, only twenty minutes until the start of school, and Michael was beginning to panic, pursing his lips and letting out a frustrated groan as he let little Clifford’s locks fall, tugging at his own fiery hair in desperation.

“C’mon angel,” he finally prodded his daughter, motioning that she stand. She obliged, regarding him with an inquisitive and slightly upset expression, “What about my hair?”

“Don’t worry,” Michael assured her, grabbing her hand and her pink backpack on their way out the door.

He rang your doorbell, bouncing on the balls of his feet anxiously and hoping that you were awake. Sure enough, the door swung open and you stood there, your hair piled into a messy bun; you wore a tank top and a loose pair of sweatpants that hung low on your hips–Michael swallowed heavily and looked away before you could catch him staring.

“Hi?” your greeting came out as a question, and you smiled down at little Clifford as she waved. 

Michael shot you a pleading look, “I’m really sorry to bother you, Y/N, but I can’t do a braid. And she wants two.” He squeezed his daughter’s hand before his shoulders slumped, “School starts in fifteen minutes. Could you maybe…?”

You let out a soft laugh and nodded, holding out your own hand and waiting for the small girl to take it, “Of course. Come here sweetie.”

And in less than five minutes, little Clifford was jumping up and down, her newly-styled braids flopping into the air before landing back on her shoulders. She held open her arms, looking up at Michael expectantly, “Daddy look!”

“They’re beautiful, angel!” Michael grinned, letting out a sigh of relief. He bent down, scooping his daughter into his arms and shooting you a grateful smile, “Thank you so much Y/N, you just saved my a–behind. You saved my behind.”

You giggled, nodding and shrugging, “Don’t worry about it. Braiding the hair of cute little girls is my specialty.” You smiled tenderly at Michael’s daughter and she let out a little laugh, burying her face into Michael’s neck.

“Thank you again,” he told you, bidding you goodbye before turning his attention to the child in his arms. “C’mon angel,” he prompted, securing her pink backpack a little more firmly, “Time to get to school.”

You waved as they walked down the steps of your porch, and Michael let out yet another relieved sigh when he heard your front door close. “She’s pretty daddy,” his daughter whispered into his neck.

Michael let out a chuckle, “Yeah. She really is.”

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hey so im finally doing this (took me long enough) but i hit my first k a few days ago which is unbelievable!! tbh this is such a trash blog but thank you so much for following,liking,reblogging my posts ❤️ i spend an unhealthy amount of time on this shit site and its really nice to be surrounded by nice people 🐰💕 so this is a lil thank you post for my mutuals (thank you for making me feel welcomed), people that have been kind to me or have a great blog! if you ever need someone to talk to im here for you :) i genuinely care about you pls don’t hesitate to talk to me 💖

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this is a lil something bc im stressed and michael always makes me feel better :) it’s slightly smutty near the end, so it’s going behind a cut. enjoy!

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hello!! im gonna try to keep this short n sweet, so here we go :-) i hit 8k!!! i cant believe this many people actually wanna follow my dumb blog and read my even dumber writing, its truly amazing :’) i know that i say it all the time, but im so grateful for the writing community on tumblr, everyone is so supportive, and there r people on this site that i feel so blessed to have met. sooo without further ado, here is a list of people that are super dope dank rad and u guys should all follow them!!!

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Imagine coloring eggs with Calum for Easter and having him grab the paper towels and newspaper that neither of you have ever decided to read as you plop the little colored tablets into the hot water in mugs and as he’s setting up the table you’re bringing over the the now dissolved and very colorful water over to the table along with the eggs and the two of you just get right into dropping some of the eggs straight into the mugs while some you’re holding in certain ways to get the cute little bands of colors and as you’re holding one the egg slips from your hand into the pink dye causing it to splash onto Calum’s face, grinning nervously as he glares at you playfully, only to dip his fingers into one of the mugs as if he were to take the egg out but instead flick the blue dye into your own face, causing a war to strike between the two of you, the eggs long forgotten as the two of you ran around the apartment him and Ashton shared, only to trip on the (zebra) rug in the living room, Calum’s body crashing over you as a painful groan slips from his and your lips, his hands on either side of your head to keep himself from crushing you, his knees resting by the sides of your hips and as you slowly open your eyes he’s doing that quiet giggly thing and all his dimples and eye crinkles are on full display making your heart warm at the beautiful boy hovering over you as he whispers, “Got you,” a light snort coming from your closed lips as you smile lightly up at him, his breath fanning over your face as he inched closer and you swear if you were standing you would have fallen over from the way he was looking at you, his head tilting to the side as he was centimeters away from your face, willing you to flutter your eyes closed and part your lips as his brushed against yours, those eggs long forgotten as things progressed if you know what i mean wink wink


Day off with Calum // tan & white moodboard

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guess who just hit 5k and is highkey unworthy of that number! this bitch!

i honestly can’t explain how happy this makes me. i started this blog in may of 2015 and though im not the most popular blog, i’ve made so many wonderful friends and have really gotten to express myself through my (smutty) writing. the writing community on this site is so kind and supportive, and it’s so nice to have people here that won’t judge me and are equally as thirsty as i am :) i’m just gonna leave it at that because i know that nobody actually reads this part lol. thank you again, and onto the main event (below the cut because it’s kinda long whoops)!!

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