Artgame is so fun and help me practice a lot like the last emoticon game, I wanted to try the 2nd one. 

I’ve always loved One Piece and Pokemon, 3 weeks ago I intent to open this artgame but still got a little scared that my ability could not handle it (and I got into some life trouble too (*・ロ・*)/ )

But after I saw those post [X] - [X] of calgaras (thank you, your posts pushed me more power), now I decide to give it a try.

But my little confidence is still not open enough to ‘any’ character - so this artgame only for ONE PIECE Characters (I’m sorry ლ(´﹏`ლ))

the RULE will be:

Send me 2 random number between #001 ~ #720 and a One Piece Character. I will draw the character (as a trainer) of those 2 pokemons! 

It would be more fun if you don’t look up the pokemon through any pokedex page!

*note: if one character is requested 3 times with 6 different pokemon I’ll draw them as a team.

of course each person only one time request.

Anyone are welcome, I’m waiting for you guys request!

Game request may close after 3 days.

Yo I’d like to follow more blogs (pls..)

K if you post anything about the tags below please either reblog or follow me so I can check out your blog <3 Also if you create Fan art of these things please link me your tags I love looking at art

  • Game Grumps (Esp. Egobang and Danny)
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  • Theatre
  • Gravity Falls
  • Anime (Esp. Hetalia, Ouran, and Free!)
  • 2D Animation
  • Disney
  • Dan and Phil

I don’t usually make these but my dash is dead and needs a jump start.
I’m looking for blogs that are mainly relating to games (anime is fine also) but if you post/reblog:

Older Games (i.e. early late 1990-2000′s)
Monster Hunter
Ace Attorney
Street Fighter
Killer Instinct
Guilty Gear
Dark Souls
Fire Emblem
Nintendo in general
Pixel Art
Game/Anime Related Fan Art

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