etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.3.15

theme thursday: take me to the mountains

mountain finds by nativebear

hand-carved designs and stamps are nativebear’s specialty — i love the rustic yet clean look of their wares. these three mountain finds are perfection, from a 4-color art print to a personalized address stamp to a ‘new frontier’ card in poppy red, i bet you’re loving them, too.

((now w profile!))

  • the younger twin to badlydrawnjolyne
  • probably the nicer jol. seemingly more friendly (?)
  • she initially went to different schools than jol to avoid confusion but got expelled for carjacking + being arrested so she transferred here
    • she was fRAMED FOR THAT SHE IS COMPLETELY INNOCENT no regrets bikes and cars are super cool to her
  • maybe? we just don’t know…
  • likes knitting. she knits all the time. she’ll be stealth-knitting in assemblies.
  • useless at swimming
  • surprisingly good at track and field instead. also likes to tap dance.
  • she’s okay in all subjects. but rly bad in maths she doesn’t get maths at all unless you give her a calculator
  • low-key delinquent. she buttons that shirt right up if there’s outfit inspections 
  • very bad at resisting dares.