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A very quick colored doodle because I saw so much MegaRod handholding headcanons on twitter that I wanted to scribble some during my breaks because I was really inspired by everyone

Lapis isn’t a pure innocent angel and I don’t think anyone’s arguing that but Jasper… Jasper is just a bully, straight up. Like for some fans i gotta wonder if we’re watching the same show, because ppl act like there’s this beautiful sympathetic side of her that doesn’t actually exist yet. Of course, later in the series we might see her become more complex -I actually expect to see that at some point- but as it stands now, from her strictly canon, onscreen appearances, all we’ve seen is that she intimidates people, pushes them around, and is loyally devoted to the evil space empire that personally hurt our characters in countless ways. I know ya’ll love your cheeto puff but please…. please…… She’s still an asshole.. she’s still a villain… don’t prematurely force redemption on her… let the show take its time…. please…

“i thought i loved you / it was just how you looked in the light”

fall out boy creations challenge | @cocoamocha

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commission infoget this as stickers and phone cases !