I wonder about God
He is a Creator
Making me like music
Slow and sweet
Low and quiet
Strong and loud

This boy I know
Wanders around
Dear, dear friend
Your a work of Art
from God’s hands

Where all so blessed
But some of us take things for granted
Where all so Loved but some of us get lost
Where all Worthy but some of us let fear steal us
Chin up hun, he’s so near!
He hears your cries!
He will make it okay
If you just call out his name!
There is peace in the chaos

anonymous asked:

Why did a anti Hinata person reblog your pro Hinata post? (The one about the backgrounds.)

I have no idea.. probably this person want talking shit about Hinata… I bet that this person is Sakura fan * or “sakuratard”* and pissed NS fan, who cant accept that Hinata have more fans and everyone prefer Hinata instead of sakura.

just random Hinata pic.  because this is amazing art