A Always Read The Fine Print fanmix.

Tony fell for Loki the first time he saw him at a party freshman year.

Loki fell for Tony when he saw him at a party their sophomore year.

They were to smitten with each other to care much about the consequences of their actions - especially after all they had been through to end up together.

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Sooo. Still don’t have enough time to play Sims properly, but I got University Life, and literally the fist thing I did after was creating a new game, dedicated to bundtfuck’s awesome college AU “Always Read The Fine Print” (if you haven’t read it, do it now! It’s marvelous!). I only managed to create the Odinson family and their house, nothing more, but in time I’ll get there! For now, as a promise of more, Tony and Loki on a porch, a kitchen (I don’t know why, but I’m in love with the kitchen from this fic!), entrance hall and the house in general.

I wish I could do better than this, the fic deserves better - but, hopefully, it’ll come with time!


yes well more art work for bundtfuck ’s fic Always Read the Fine Print. and well i went a bit over board lol also i lack the talent to draw the way Tony described how he drew Loki’s pretty face. BUT i did do his animal doodles justice lol. also we have the Christmas scene and the NewYears scene only with added Thor taking a snap shot lol

I hope you like these. :D (also i asked if tony had his faicial hair an i friggin spaced before i scanned these but deal with a clean shaven tony for right now if he has fuzzy’s then i can re color all this later on in SAI and give him one :p) 


Guess who’s back? :D

Okay, so this is a hint of something more to come. It’s (sim!)Tony’s workshop as I see it (more or less) in an absolutely amazing fanfiction “Always Read The Fine Print”; if any of you remembers, I posted a few pics from the game dedicated to it some time ago, but I didn’t even have a chance to play it back then D: Now, however, if I’m lucky, I’ll finally be able to; so there’s more to come soon, and I hope to finish Tony’s house tomorrow and actually get some picks of him and Loki in game ^^