This little creature embodies a fairy forest. Many forests of different worlds, in fact. And the things they have in common – beauty and wildness. It is a forest where the air itself is filled with power. Nevertheless, the spirit is quite curious and playful sometimes. Don’t be surprised if he starts exploring your house or your dreams.

He loves green minerals, and can charge them with forest energy. But most of all he loves jade. The stones you see on some photos are a jade and a bloodstone, his favorite trinkets. They will come along with the beastie, and it’s better not take them away until he is bored of it. Or you can offer some stones from your collection – he will surely be interested to see them and play with some.

Materials: epoxy putty, acrylic paint, varnish.
Size: 39mm height, 74mm length.

Little magical pet shoppe => http://metazoe.com

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Here’s the full view of my piece, “Chimera” which is now available for sale at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, part of their show “The Grotesque”. Thanks for everyone who came out to the opening night show! I couldn’t make it up in time but my lovely parents went and my dad took the final photo here of the sculpture in the gallery.

For more information on the piece, visit Modern Eden’s website here: http://www.moderneden.com/collections/grotesque/products/chimera

and thanks to Modern Eden for having me in the show!

A lot of my paintings are out in exhibitions at the moment, so I’ve been adding a few bits of extra stock to my artfinder shop here and there, like this repeat of a canvas I sold last year. Classic fried egg with two bits of fried bacon.

Ideal for your flat, living room, kitchen. Buy it here! 


Ian Viggars

There’s just no easy way to capture the true amount of intricate detail within these paintings. 😧

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A week ago, a rare bird endemic to the Soloman Islands called the Moustached Kingfisher was photographed for the first time. A team from the American Museum of Natural History located and captured the elusive male. When I read about this super cool news, I knew I just had to paint it.

This painting was done in gouache, and is for sale on my website.

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