second contest entry for Minxs current Cintiq contest.

Virtues Last Reward, Minx/Sigma and I tried to put the rest of them in, something to like about each character to some extent which I find rare for me.
I found myself to really enjoy the Zero Escape games. —- Once I am able to get on a computer I will edit this with the finished version (I uploaded the one I saved right before I finished, minor details but still glaring to me)


Hi guys,

Minx here and I’m running another art competition. This time I’ve tweaked a few things due to things raised in the last one. So PLEASE read all this.

1/ This one will be for a slightly longer period from today April 1st. The final deadline is for May 10th 2017. Winners will be announced May 20th.

2/ First prize as before is a 13inch Cintiq. I will also be giving away 2 tablets similar to this

 3/ You must be over 18

4/ You MUST NOT submit under Anonymous SO many of you did last time so we had no way of contacting. You MUST link to your DeviantArt or Tumblr or your art web page with every submission. 

5/ You can’t use tracings.Or photo manipulations or CGI work.

6/ If you steal art, upload it here as your own and we catch you (this did happen last time) I may pursue legal action against you if it results in me getting in trouble. 

7/ You MUST tag the submission with the game it is for so, for example, Uno would be “#uno”. You must also use #contest on each submission. You must also include your country of residence.

8/ The thumbnail must feature the “Minx” character ideally taking up a large portion of the screen. 

9/ The games I am taking submissions for are as follows. You can submit multiple pieces of art. You submit at

Town Of Salem

Outlast 2

Little Nightmares

Cards Against Humanity

Transparent Scared Minx’s

Transparent Minx face looking “thirsty” (lol)

Throne Of Lies

Season 2 SOS Thumbnails - This would require a transparent Minx & Deaf looking angry or disgusted etc. For reference on what Deaf looks like check his channel


By submitting art to the artforminx blog you give me full legal permission to use it any way I see fit in any context however I wish. I will credit art used as long as details of what link to credit are given. 

Multiple Submissions

Don’t do them unless it is specifically asked for or you are fixing a massive error on the image.

The reason being, Minx and Krism are very busy and they only get to look through the submissions once in a while usually in one big burst–so if there are 5 or 6 of the same picture it’s very frustrating.

Also please note that not every submission for a titlecard will be used for one and it’s up to Minx what she wants to publish on her videos.

ALSO: Please note Minx IS NOT going to be dealing with T-Shirt submissions UNTIL AFTER SHE GOES BACK TO THE UK.

Minx and Krism apologize for the wait, and hope you’ll humor them and be patient.

Thank you very very much for your submissions, fan art or promotional, and Minx and Krism look forward to looking through them soon.