“It’s a cardboard cutout.”
“But why don’t you have the REAL Capitan America?”
“Budget cuts.”


Folding Screen with the Four Continents
Mexico (late 1600s)

Folding Screen with the Conquest of Mexico (front and back)
Mexico (late 1600s)

Folding Screen with Indian Wedding and Flying Pole
Mexico (c. 1690)

Here’s another way in which Asian and Latino cultures are connected: the adoption of Japanese folding screens (byōbu / 屏風) in Mexico (where they were called biombos).

LACMA says:

Japanese folding screens were first introduced to New Spain as exports by way of the Manila Galleon trade and by Japanese embassies that brought them to Mexico as gifts in the early decades of the seventeenth century. Known in Spanish as biombo–a Portuguese and Spanish transliteration of the Japanese word for folding screen, byōbu–the Mexican artform was inspired by its Japanese prototype.

The versatility of the folding screen contributed to its quick adaptation to daily life; because the biombowas freestanding, portable, multi-paneled, and could be painted on both sides, it provided an ideal surface on which to paint. Biombos transformed spaces into definable spaces, and were indispensable elements in domestic interiors. Today, folding screens are such an ubiquitous part of everyday life frequently used to divide rooms and spaces, as they were originally intended.

Night Festival of Tsushima Shrine
Japan (1624-1644)

“It’s obviously too late now, and I understand why it didn’t happen, but I really wish that BH6 was in handrawn animation. It would’ve been perfect since it’s based off a comic!! And action works great in this style, think Atlantis and Treasure Planet. But since Disney’s “moved forward” from this artform, I doubt we’ll see something like that again.”

Serve To Remind

Much sweeter than the sunrise,
such sadness as the grayest skies.
From pitch of wombs
through the black of tombs,
guided by the lights of moons.

Without way of knowing,
while uncertainty growing.
In volume her silence spoke,
evoked chills of which no hand hath wrote.

‘Twas I who awoke when dreams gave you a shake;
though you helped me through, to which no time to thank.

So how am I to carry on?
To carry this song, to sing it along.
You’ve gone and left an empty room,
blackened by an eerie gloom.

As I hold hope with all I have,
 for I was told this too shall pass,
that nothing earthly ever lasts..

..and may you serve to remind,
to rewind to much better time.
Now go ahead this path of mine.
Keep the trail smooth, and its road kind.

I’ll see you at the end of time.


my degree came with an academic record and i’m reminded that like. one of the classes i got the best marks for was also a class where i didn’t understand a goddamn thing that was being said 

and then i’m reminded of all the web design classes where it was babby’s first html (and later css and java) lesson which was nice because i didn’t have to do much

screams from the mountaintops you have no character

runs up and grabs you by the lapels and whispers intensely this is just a menagerie of character traits designed to let you indulge in carnal desires without immediately looking like a hack

anonymous asked:

I love your Erik. Have you ever drew Erika dancing? I'd really like to see it.

Thank you very much!! And in this comic version the artform of Butoh a mixture of contemporary dance and performance. It’s mostly performed with white makeup and very reduced requisites, and it also plays with taboos in society. Butoh was develeoped in Post-WWII Japan. 

Erik practises Butoh more as an form to cope with his problems and to express himself. But he also knows ballroom dances like walz, foxtrot and even tango. How he learned this would give away a bit too much of the story. So have here a sketch of Erik in his butoh outfit. 

I guess, “Erika” was a typo, but I once played with the idea of a gender bend Erik(a). I got the idea because I red the synopsis of an Erik/Raoul-slashfic were the premise is that Erik lures Raoul from Christine away by seducing Raoul….. Yeah, no…. No…. I deem it more likely that Erik would have just blown up a nuclear missile in the opera than that. But at least it gave me the idea of a female Erik to play around this. And when I think about this idea, I think, Erika would be even more fierce than Erik. Which I find a bit terrifying.