Day #12: I changed for the exhibition opening. This is a classic artfit. The best part is that all of the pieces are secondhand, except for my tights. The whole outfit is probably worth less than $50!

My Spring semester starts tomorrow. My laundry’s in the wash, the whitening strips are in, I’ve got yogurt in the fridge and I have all of my books and supplies. My favorite music is playing. I’ve registered for my classes and voice lessons. My journal’s nearly full. I’ve made lists on lists. I’m ready to kick off these stupid(ly adorable) heels and have a nice long cleansing stretch, practice guitar, and read a bit before bed.

And yet, though all of the material stuff is taken care of, I’m uncomfortable with the loose ends left inevitably untied. Is my head in the game? There’s only one way to tell: it all goes down tomorrow and won’t let up ‘til June. I’ve got some badass things planned for the Spring, many of which I hope to get done as soon as possible. I’ll keep you updated!