PhotoFeature: Curiot, “Down the Rabbit Hole with Neon Lights” at FFDG

 Down the RabbitHole with Neon Lights now onview at FFDG includes anall-new series of colorful and vibrant acrylic paintings by Mexico City-basedartist Favio Martinez, perhaps better known as Curiot. The artist’s second show at FFDG is in many ways a continuing chapter a convoluted narrative that reveals a surreal world of the artist’s own inspired creation. In this solo show audiences are invited along the visceral journey of one particular creature, whose curiosity and subsequent search for the source of the raining souls takes him through a reality-bending vortex to an at once familiar and unfamiliar land. -

“(Man) I’ve been close with this girl standing next to me for about the past ten years. When I was in the military and out on leave she would meet me and buy me dinner.”
“Did you meet each other really just because you’re comfortable together or were you actually interested in each other? Are you really just friends?”
“(Girl) Yes, we’re just friends. We have known each other for so long, so I just want to take good care of him. He’s like a little brother.”
“(Man) No. Today I was going to tell you I’m interested in you.”
“(Girl) Is this interview really going to be published?”

“(남자) 옆에 있는 친구하고 절친으로 한 10년 정도 알고 지냈어요. 제가 군대에서 휴가 나왔을 때 저 만나서 밥도 사주기도 했구요.”
“마냥 편한 거보다 관심이 있으니까 만난 건 아니었어요? 정말 순수하게 친구인가요?”
“(여자) 네, 친구에요. 오래 알고 지내다보니 그냥 잘 챙겨주고 싶더라구요. 그냥 남동생처럼”
“(남자) 아니요. 오늘 고백하려고요.”
“(여자) 저, 이거 진짜 인터뷰 나가는 건가요?”

Today I met Shia Labeouf and it was the most heartwarming experience ever! As i nervously walked in he sat looking down at a small table as I sat down I said hi Shia I’m genesis and I held his warm hands and he squeezed them and moaned when he heard my broken voice he looked up at me with the biggest most beautiful light green eyes with tears running down his cheeks. As I stared in amazement at him I congratulated him for his very successful art exhibit. And I told him that I was crying cuz I almost didn’t get in and I really wanted to experience this with him. And I thanked him and told him that he is loved and that there was so much love outside for him and that I admired him because he was very passionate with his work and i showed him the drawing i made for him and told him that i wanted to give him something i opened the drawing and told him that those were some quotes that have inspired me and helped me through hard times and i hoped he could relate to them and i showed him the eyes i drew and told him that i loved his eyes bit my drawing didnt do it any justice to which he squeezed my hands and cried i then showed him his profile drawings drew and told him he looked very peaceful that’s why I liked it and that I wasn’t a great drawer but I tried and I stood up and asked him for a hug and he said yes I bend over and hugged him around the neck and he stood up and pulled me against his body and squeezed me and I squeezed him back and I felt so comfortable and so much love that I couldn’t believe that I was hugging the one and only and as he sat down I told him he was amazing and to keep doing what he was doing cuz so many people love him and I gave him a two kisses on the cheek and told him he was amazing and to keep doing what he was doing and he stood up and hugged me really hard once again and I rubbed his head and back as he rubbed my back and stroke my hair and I said thank you repeatedly and I said I had to hurry cuz I wanted my best friend who was next to experience this as well and he started crying and muffled “No!”and hugged me once more, this was the longest hug, then I said if I could take a pic with him and he sat and nodded excitedly and kissed me on the cheek for the pic and then I waited till he turned and took a pic of his face and I hugged him again and held his face and told him thank you for inviting me to his world and I kissed him on the cheek once more. And he put his hand on my heart and i put my hand on his and as he held my hand I said goodbye and left. Contrary to the experiences I was hearing about mine wasn’t awckward at all I felt very comfortable and welcomed and I relive that moment in my head everyday it was that amazing!…..after thinking about it I think what he was trying to say was that he isn’t an object that he is human and he has feelings too I came to this conclusion because he let me feel his heartbeat and when people would just talk to him without interacting with him he would just be motionless and the tears probably were a hint to show that he was still human inside because in the exterior the media just sees him as an object

"#TheTruth" by @naoto_hattori for @bakerhesseldenz’s 1st Annual Spring Group Show, opening April 4th.

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Pace London: An exhibition by Moscow-based artist Olga Chernysheva offers a lens into the world of Post-Soviet Russia. Through photographs, drawings, videos and a projection, Chernysheva depicts residuals of collectivism, once central to the Russian experience, with the domineering tendencies of individualism and consumerism that now permeate the public sphere. The exhibition continues at 6-10 Lexington Street, London through this Saturday, January 17. 

"#EdwinasFauxPas" #oiloncanvas 16"x20" by #BethanyMarchman

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Luxuriating in the opulence of Kehinde Wiley’s Femme piquee par un serpent, 2008, oil on canvas

Exhibition, Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic, February 20–May 24, 2015 at the Brooklyn Museum


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Here is my work from the @kingbrown issue 10 launch (co curated by @sean__morris And @blackcanyonprojects) its still up at @sparesstore in Melbourne! Really proud to have been a part of this shindig 💘 #kingbrown #sparesstore #artexhibition ❤️💋also: I hate censoring myself on IG regarding nudity in art but I’m always hearing of people getting kicked off. What are the actual (silly af) rules?? 😐


Italian, Riccardo Scott creates portraits intended to challenge the ideals that have been moulded to society about female and male identity. Riccardo is very interested in how visual culture and image has played its part in the evolution of identity.

Riccardo Scott is currently showing in our WORKS ON PAPER exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery until 16th March 2014. The WORKS ON PAPER exhibition programme is open to all artists from all over the world. To take part in any future exhibitions please contact