Heres a slew of markers my friend Suzette copped for me when she went to Peru. There’s an entire world of markers out there - gotta start getting more international pieces in. 

KP 580

First thing I noticed about this is the packaging. Rather than plastic clamshell they shrinkwrap it to the cardboard backer. Guess it’s a cheaper option. Nice basic bullet tip marker. White screened label on black plastic body. Works well, no odor.


This one wasn’t from Peru, picked it up from corner store on Queen St. Kamset brand markers are usually found in all sorts of dollar stores and tend to base their marker silhouettes on other existing brands. This marker is patterned off of a Mon Ami Super. I’m not sure if that is the OG source, but this Kamset marker does follow the shape and label characteristics. Sticker label with white and silver color blocking, simple text. Text is in English, French and Spanish. Chisel tip. This marker creates deep black lines with minimal bleed. Good marker for a value price.


Hecho en Peru. This is a nice basic marker that has a similar shape to Artlines, but with plastic, not metal, body construction. Bullet tip. Fibrous bullet tip. Makes nice smooth lines. Again, no odor. Wonder why these Peruvian markers don’t really have strong smell. Woulda thought the opposite. Pretty good basic marker.


This thing is shrink wrapped and i’m gonna leave it in its packaging to preserve it for now. Well I changed my mind and started unwrapping it from the bottom and it started taking off the entire label markings. If I continued, it would just be a black plastic shell with no labelling. 


Nice sleek marker. Black plastic construction, glossy full color label. Has Tecnologia “Cap Off Ink” that prevents it from drying out if you leave the cap off for days. Apparently. Hecho en Peru. 1-3 mm Bullet tip. Nice strong alcohol smell. Good strong black ink quality and smooth marking consistency. Artesco makes a wide range of stationary products, and although they don’t have a wide selection of black marker products, the quality is good. Check ‘em out here.

KP 770

Other than the barrel color of this marker, I can’t tell what the big difference is between this one and the KP 580 that I posted first. Both are bullet tips, although the angle of the 580 is a bit - sharper. Perhaps the 770 is a bit larger at 5mm ? Negligible difference in marker line shape. Anyways, a good marker, same characteristics as the 580. Numbers game. One more marker as we inch closer to 1000.