Children of Elysium - Bianca di Angelo

“If anything happens, give that to Nico. Tell him…tell him I’m sorry.”

tbh the only reason i want a Titan’s Curse movie is to see who they’d cast as Bianca and Nico di Angelo

I just keep picturing Thalia as the fandom potrays her with all the piercings and undercuts and everything while looking 15 and I just can’t help but burst out laughing. She probably looks so young and yet she has all of that and it’s just hilarious, because even if she looks fifteen, her mentally is around 13/14 (like most of the hunters) and it’s hilarious

Young Justice 30 Day Challenge;

Day 12. Favorite Ship

Wally and Artemis of course. <3 Not really sure if it counts since it was canon but…most of the ships I like are canon considering I'm not a big fan of unusual ships. ^^;

Their relationship is so sweet! Even if Wally did forget Valentines Day 3 years in a row. :3

Chesire and Roy are a pretty close second though. <3