med student!luke standing you up for a coffee date and that’s really unlike him, ‘cause he’s good at organisation but most of all he loves getting out of his cramped study space to see you, so when he doesn’t show, you turn up at his place to make sure he’s okay and all you’re met with is your lanky, broad-shouldered boyfriend fast asleep in a little ball on his bed surrounded by papers and a textbook in his arms so you gently pry the book from his embrace and settle yourself next to him, poking his nose and his cheek and the shadow of his dimple until he’s stirring, muttering something about coronary arteriography and when his eyes adjust and he realises you’re curled up beside him smiling he’s groaning, ‘Did I sleep through our coffee date?’ and you just give him a little nod and a chuckle, leaning forward to kiss him quickly before you’re sitting up and offering to test him and he smirks at you, eyebrows raised, ‘What’s my reward?’ and you shake your head cause you know where he’s going and laugh out a, 'Think you’re all set with anatomy, babe. But if you get 20 questions right you might get lucky.’

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