YEAR TWO PHOTO COMPILATION! This should post more or less in order. This year was a thing, and as usual I learned a lot and had fun. So boop. This is missing a few events, due to the 10 photo limit, however, it covers many of the big ones. Notably, it is not including my first shoot with Artemismoon in her Kirigiri cosplay.

I can basically list all the cosplayers in this post, but hot damn if I am going to link to them. Sorry :p

Dersedreamer, Rustypolished, ArtemismoonCosplay, yaexrae, Jadeb0t, Voodooodolly, Renew, dendensushicosplay, Lyssala, Missfirestarter Jack-frost-007feytaline-lovestokidoki-loki

I know I missed one or two and for that, I ask forgiveness, these were off the top of my head.

People I want to thank the most are…literally everyone who has told me I fucking suck, donated to my camera thingy, been part of my shoots and been there for advice. Meesh,Jared, Mallory, Meesh, solartempest, Drillbort… many others.

This year I learned that I greatly dislike group shoot. I learned to say no. I learned too much to list, really.


artemismoon45 replied to your post: wow after just glancing at what the lolita…

im not going lie, im pretty nervous about wearing lolita to acen. some of the shit ive seen ppl bitch about just terrifies me. :(

it seems like they’ve gotten way worse than when I was in it. As long as you knew the basics of what you were doing you were fine for the most part. Now it looks like it was taken over by a bunch of spoiled, whiney, body shaming brats that just want something to bitch over.

If people give you shit don’t let it get to you! from what I’ve seen your outfit is going to look amazing. The narrow-mindedness of those secrets was just appalling so really I wouldn’t take it to heart if somebody that stupid tried to insult me.

Woop Woop Mini Con Report

Ohayocon was simultaneously incredibly fun and boring at the same time. The con itself was shitty and SUPER overcrowded, but as usual, the people were wonderful. It was my first con cosplaying Homestuck, and there were many shenans with Sam as Roxy and Jesse as Jake and Suzi. I also brought back Mami and did a photoshoot with Susie’s beautiful new Kyoko, Claire’s Meguca, and Carys’s gorgeous Moemura. 

Overall I had a great time meeting new people and hanging with friends. Photos will be uploaded as I get them. Woop woop. 

artemismoon45 replied to your post: I’m really tired of the majority of A Separate Peace discussions going as follows:

omg I read that book in 9th grade. Loved it! And holy crap I feel like people are reading too hard into it…Although I can see where they are coming from but nope. (THen again it’s been just about 9 or 10 years since I’ve read it.)

It’s been my favorite novel for a very long time, so I can get annoyingly defensive of it :D

The problem is how teens and young adults reading the book now perceive the physical/emotional interaction between two males. This book was written in 1959. Today, if it’s any more than a handshake or a manly pat on the back, it’s automatically gay. Not to everyone, but for too many people.

I have no problem with someone loving a romantic relationship between them (I like it a lot, actually), but when sexual tension is all you get from a book this well-written and emotional, you are a fucking douche.