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How do I get Closer to a Deity?

There are lots of ways to develop a relationship and get closer to a deity. In Hellenism, it boils down to worship. Give praise. Let the deity you want to get closer to know how much you love Them.

Okay, I hear you asking though, “Lizzie, how am I supposed to do that? What does that mean?” and of course, “What if I have to keep my worship secret? How am I supposed to build kharis if I can’t have a shrine, can’t make ‘proper’ offerings, and can’t recite prayers? What then?” Well, I’ve got you covered. Here are some of my favorite methods of developing a relationship with a Theos.

Keep in mind though, there is no one way to do this, and there is no one way that a relationship with a Theos will look. Someone people will consistently and clearly feel the Theoi when They’re near. Some get visions or have a solid GodPhone. Some have to rely on signs. Some just have to go on faith. And just because one Theos gets close to you, doesn’t mean all of Them will. Just like with people, not everyone is going to be as interested in hanging out with you. Don’t let that stop you from expressing your affection if you want to. The Theoi ask us to give worship, They aren’t turning you away just because you can’t clearly perceive an enthusiastic response from Them.

Now, on to things you can do to build a relationship.

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As of now, I have about 175 followers (that’s about 25 less than 200!), and 100 of them–99 in the picture–have a lot of character! Speaking of character, the 55 blogs by characters–all of them ponies (more or less)–that are following me so far (in this order) are: 1. Ask Sullen, 2. Sketchy Lime, 3. Daltamos, 4. Ask Cloudberry Blue, 5. Ask Two-faced Pone, 6. Ask Misfortune, 7. Ask Teenage Scootaloo, 8. Ask Nox the Pony, 9. Ask Banana Split, 10. Kora Lionheart, 11. Ask Nurse M.D., 12. Ask Shining Star and Skyla, 13. Ask Experiment 24-A, 14. Lumey and Light Answer, 15. Ask Rasmus and Friends, 16. Ask Miss Rose, 17. Ask Licky Lick, 18. Ask Artemis Frost, 19. Toxic Delights, 20. Ask the Future Crusaders, 21. Ask Princess Carol, 22. Rena the Snake Charmers, 23. Ask PitterPatter, 24. Ask Dragicorn and Friends, 25. Ask Spiny, 26. Ask Changeling Cadance, 27. Ask Astrid and Willow, 28. Ask Scar Patch, 29. Ask the YouTube Pony, 30. Blazsword, 31. Ask BladeEdge, 32. Ask Weapon Master, 33. Ask Mystic Twi, 34. Ask Nightraxx and Roaring Rhythm, 35. Ask Jeff the Killer P0ny, 36. Ask Sweety Peach, 37. Ask Swashbuckle, 38. Ask Glitch, 39. Ask Chunky Big Mac, 40. Ask Writingmare, 41. Ask MLP Aperture, 42. Ask Sweet Paw, 43. Ask Felix Rotchart, 44. Vector Dust, 45. Cutie Whooves Answers, 46. Pony Amelia Pond, 47. The Bunny and Bear, 48. Doctor Centipone, 49. Ask Maud Pie Blog, 50. Ask Sweet Disaster, 51. Ask Occult Pony, 52. Ask Sora, Riku, and Kairi the Pony, 3. Ask Redbeiry and Friends MLP, 54. Nikki Kitty X, 55. Ask Keykeeper Dom

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By the way, remember when I said that I was gonna post something impressive featuring the characters from their respective blogs? Well, this isn’t it; this is just a preview. Like I said before, I promise that it’ll be a real humdinger!


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The contest ends on Feb. 20th(I extended it). I will use a random name generator. I hope this contest turns out okay(I hope it doesn`t fail like all my other contests). Anyways, good luck everypony. :)

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