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B.A.P as Students

Yongguk- the definition of ‘senpai notice me’, even the fucking teachers have a crush on him. Overall, model student. Good grades, good looks, good manners, tutors, saves puppies and kittens off the side of the road. President of the school council and makes sure everyone in the school is involved. Half the school has already confessed their feelings to him, teachers and males included. Rejects everyone, says that he isn’t a good enough person and believes it.

Himchan- surprisingly popular and well liked. He doesn’t have a set group of friends so he wanders around becoming friends with everyone. However, most times seen with Yongguk. Became vice president just to hang around him. Always on point, came to school one day in a onesie and still looked better than everyone. Secret smart, most people think he’s a slacker but is quite intelligent.

Daehyun- the kid that comes across as a total fuckboiiiiiii. Loud, parties 24/7, shit disturber, flirts with everyone. Even calls the teachers sweetheart/honey/precious. In reality is actually really sweet and sensitive. Scared of being alone, doesn’t mean half the things he does. Will secretly help people without them knowing it. Makes sure that the bullies don’t actually hurt anyone. Has some sort of beef with Yongguk that no one knows about.

Youngjae- the really smart kid in the class, but doesn’t brag about it. Will help anyone who needs it, even the teachers. Is an actual sweetheart but has horrible luck with girls. Gets rejected by all the girls he likes. Just wants to be loved. Victim to 90% of the pranks Daehyun plays, and is the subject to all his teasing. Already has a plan to murder him and is waiting for the best time to carry it out.

Jongup- knows everyone because everyone tells him their problems. The school guru, office is in the janitors closet. People will see him about everything, probably go to him about medical issues rather than the doctor. All the girls have secret crushes on him but won’t admit it. Gets dragged everywhere by different people. Half the time doesn’t have any idea whats going on, just goes with the flow.

Zelo- the kid that is way too nice. So nice that a lot of people take advantage of him and gets stuck doing the stuff no else wants to do. Has to be saved by Daehyun 90% of the time, but never learns his lessons. Part of a bunch of different clubs because he can never say no when someone asks him. Can be seen always smiling. Is friends with the outcasts and likes it there. Part of the Yongguk fan club.

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dc heroes highschool au

so i was thinking about this and its my new baby but its really long so im putting part of it under a read more

  • the school is called justice academy and the school colors are blue, white and gold
  • theres a martial arts class at their school that bruce teaches bc he’s lonely and we all know he doesn’t have a real job
  • clark is the lunch lady who reminds kids to eat their vegetables
  • everything made in the caf is grown in the school garden that he has and he shames kids into not picking the unhealthy foods
  • bruce is smashing the lunch lady aka clark n he thinks no one knows but really the whole school gossips about how rich dude/part time gym teacher bruce wayne is banging sweet lunch lady clark
  • also clark and lois have an open marriage so they don’t have to hide their relationship but bruce is like……..yeah but i don’t want ppl to know i’m dating someone who says y'all’d’ve'st
  • Kon HATES it bc he and tim are also dating
  • diana is the wrestling coach and everyone marvels at how good she is except donna and cassie (bc thats donnas mom and cassie’s aunt and she  loves to embarrass them) n she’s known for having a rivalry with her the arkham academy coach, barbara minerva, aka her ex girlfriend
  • also diana is an ancient/world history teacher teaching history as it happened
  • Diana during the first day of class: The common theme in world history is that White Men Ruin Everything 

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Artemis lurks in back alleys and hangs around bars, just waiting for someone to try and rob or assault a person. She typiclly escorts people to their cars, especially women

Apollo hangs around inside and manages things in there. He might seem like just another patron, but everyond knows he makes problems dissapear. This goes double for LGBT bars and clubs

griffphandor  asked:

What's your halloween costume?

idk if i’m going to a halloween party this year bc i’m lazy and poor (although i’m tempted to go to the one my uni hosts). i’d probs try and incorporate my pink hair into whatever character i choose (i might convince a friend to dress up as jesse and james from pokemon)

I drew this over a year ago while thinking about just how many cats there are in anime. Finally got around to mostly finishing it, even though the style is a little old now. I didn’t like how it looked colored so this is what I ended up on.

Bottom row: Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro), President Aria (Aria), Happy (Fairy Tail), Blair (Soul Eater), Meowth (Pokemon), Nyanko-sensei (Natsume’s Book of Friends) Second row: Korin (Dragon Ball), Gatomon (Digimon), Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty), Chiyo-chichi (Azumanga Daioh), Kyo (Fruits Basket) Third row: Kuro (Blue Exorcist), Nyamsus (Nyan Koi!), Beelzebub (Ouran Host Club), Artemis (Sailor Moon), Luna (Sailor Moon) Fourth row: Doraemon (Doraemon), Mao (Darker Than Black), Kuroneko (Trigun), Shampoo (Ranma ½), Jiji (Kiki’s Delivery Service) Fifth row: Amanojaku (Ghost Stories), Neko-sensei (Princess Tutu), Baron Humbert (The Cat Returns), Meow (Space Dandy), Suppi (Cardcaptors), Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats) Sixth row: Kirara (Inu-Yasha), Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo), Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home), Kamineko (Azumanga Daioh), Puar (Dragon Ball)

Dead Dash!

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How this conversation with duncs went down….
DK: hey! How are you?
Me: good
DK: How’s your summer going?
Me: good
DK: have you done anything fun?
Me: yeah, I’ve been traveling around…
DK: oh yeah? Where’d you go?
Me: oh like everywhere….Russia, Sweden, Norway…
DK: Russia?!
Me: yeah
DK: you huntin’ down Panarin?
Me: NO!

“Would you fight for me?”

While people such as Nucky Thompson and Jimmy Darmody are occupied by the degree of their gangster nature (less, half, or more), Richard Harrow’s tragedy is the devastation of his physical and mental wellbeing wrought by service on the Western Front during the First World War.  Alongside Jimmy, Richard is one of the principal ways Boardwalk Empire examines this ‘lost generation’, and the way those part of it tried - with varying degrees of success - to come back and live in a post-War, non-military society.

Richard was originally intended to feature in only three episodes of Season One, but has remained one of the core characters.  Like Jimmy, Richard’s military past is evident in his manner of dressing.  Richard’s clothing is functional, with his own adherence to a sublte personal uniform style.  He has a similar world outlook to his close friend, but Richard’s clothing makes slightly less of a statement than Jimmy’s.  Richard’s nature is to draw visual and verbal attention away from his affliction, so his colour palette is duller than Jimmy’s.  His appearance manner of dress features many interesting details.

Richard first encounters Jimmy in the psychiatric wing of the veteran’s hospital in Chicago.  They both wait for appointments to take Woodsworth’s personal inventory test.  His clothing is in good condition, but is mismatched in comparison to Jimmy’s blue suit.  Richard here is directionless, and that is evident in how he presents himself. Richard wears a charcoal grey wool single-breasted jacket with notch lapels and a single rear vent.  It has a three-button front, and three flapped outer pockets - one at each hip and a ticket pocket above the right hip - and one welted left chest pocket. 

His trousers are dark brown, with pressed front creases and upturned cuffs.  Richard wears dark brown derby shoes and matching socks.

Richard wears a drab grey waistcoat, which has a dark brown chalkstripe vertical pattern.  It fastens with six buttons.  Four welted pockets sit at the front, and it has a size adjuster at the rear.  Underneath, Richard wears a low-quality collarless white cotton shirt, with a faint blue inlaid vertical pattern.

Richard’s trouser braces have brass hardware and are grey with a thin red double outline along each edge.

Under all other layers Richard wears an off-white cotton undershirt, with a four button half-length front placket and ribbed short sleeves.

After being in Atlantic City for a short time Richard acquires a light grey turndown collar shirt, with alternating dark grey and white stripes.  He matches this with a red wool tie.

When sent by Nucky - on information relayed to him by Jimmy, from Luciano - to kill two of the D'Alessio brothers early one November morning Richard wears a long, dark brown raincoat.  It is single-breasted with notch lapel.  It features a front chest pocket, hip pockets and a single rear vent.  It is roomy enough for Richard to conceal a shotgun underneath. During 1920 Richard wears a dark grey herringbone newsboy cap.

Richard is the first character we see in 1921.  Like Jimmy, over the winter Richard made practical and fashionable additions to his wardrobe.  His boldest purchase is a green wool double-breasted coat, ideal for the cold coastal conditions.  Its shape evokes that of a military trench coat, whose origins stem from the war Richard himself participated in.  Richard’s coat is long, covering down to his shins.  It has wide notch lapels, and fastens with 3x2 wooden buttons.  When worn closed the coat is secured at the waist with a full belt, fastening at a central metal buckle.  A vertical hand-warmer pocket sits at each hip, and each sleeve features upturned cuffs.  When working in the outside air Richard wears light brown leather gloves.

For ease of movement the back of Richard’s coat has two handsome action vents, stemming from each shoulderblade downwards.  His new cap is tweed, and has an oversized body.

Similar to the way Jimmy’s suits reflect his moods and predicaments, Richard wears his first matching three-piece suit during periods of depression and self-pity.  Like his friend, Richard later has additional suits cut in an identical style, but this first suit is constructed in a flecked, low-quality brown tweed.  The jacket has numerous 1920s-approriate details that are part of Richard’s personal uniform. 

The jacket is double-breasted, but the style of the suit - and the function of the waistcoat in keeping the shirt, tie and trousers neatly together - is that it is worn always unfastened.  Each breast overlaps by a very small distance, and each breast has only a single button and buttonhole.  The lapels are long and narrow, and peak over the collarbone. 

The rear has a single vent.  Similar to jackets owned by Jimmy and Luciano, the rear features a half-Norfolk belt at the waist.

Four patch pockets adorn Richard’s jacket.  Two sit at each hip, and two sit high on the chest, partially covered by the lapels.  Richard primarily wears pale shirts with this suit.  His main shirt is duckegg blue, with a small button fastening each collar at its middle.  He usually pairs this shirt with a red knitted tie, but as can be seen he owns numerous deco-era striped pale shirts and patterned ties.

None of Richard’s suit waistcoats have lapels.  They all fasten with six front buttons, with a rear size adjuster.  At the chest there are four welted pockets.  Richard’s high-waisted trousers have upturned cuffs and pressed front creases.  At times Richard wears black or brown derby shoes, or black or brown lace-up ankle boots.

After Jimmy’s takeover of Atlantic City, he buys Richard a new suit.  As can be seen above, its cut and construction is nearly exactly the same as his previous suit but is made of a better quality, sea-green tweed.

Four buttons sit at each sleeve cuff.  All of Richard’s shirts feature button-fastening barrel cuffs.

The rear of the waistcoat and the lining of the jacket are plain black.  Here we can see the detail of the tweed, and Richard’s dark blue braces.

Richard’s green suit is his power suit.  He matches it with a midnight blue shirt and burnished gold tie when assaulting Rosetti’s gang at the Artemis Club.  It still looks very smart, and eliminates the potential of catching an enemy’s eyes in a gunfight with a paler shirt.

In 1923 Richard acquires another suit.  Again, it is identical in cut to his other suits but is instead constructed of very dark brown wool overlaid with a pale windowpane check.

When courting Julia Sagorsky Richard modernises his headwear by purchasing a brown/grey wide-brimmed fedora with a narrow band.  Sadly, Richard wears this hat very infequently.

Richard, the faithful soldier.