artemis club


How this conversation with duncs went down….
DK: hey! How are you?
Me: good
DK: How’s your summer going?
Me: good
DK: have you done anything fun?
Me: yeah, I’ve been traveling around…
DK: oh yeah? Where’d you go?
Me: oh like everywhere….Russia, Sweden, Norway…
DK: Russia?!
Me: yeah
DK: you huntin’ down Panarin?
Me: NO!

libraryunbound  asked:

With graphic novel interpretations of prose books rising in popularity (A Song of Fire and Ice series, The City of Ember, Artemis Fowl, Baby-Sitters Club, manga versions of Jane Austen, various Shakespeare plays, etc.), would you like to see your works rendered as sequential art? Which of your titles do you think most naturally lend themselves to a graphic format?

I think there may be some plan to do the THE GIVER as a graphic novel.  I think it would lend itself quite well to that.  -Lois