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Just imagine...

The Young Justice mentors secretly shipping their protégés with each other.

The Young Justice mentors making bets on which ship will happen first.

The Young Justice mentors having heated debates about their OTP’s and discussing why it would/wouldn’t work.

The Young Justice mentors secretly spying on their protégés with hopes of finding proof for their ships.


Netflix just announced that if the show gets 300,000 plus hit per month they will renew it for a third season. If you’re interested in it at all and have a netflix account, please consider watching it. I’ll have it running in the background whenever possible (I’ve rewatched it a million times, Young Justice is fantastic).
Bring it back to life!


More Pictures of my Artemis Cosplay from MCM Comic Con. Here’s to hoping there will be more of her in Season 3!!! 

MCM London October 2016

Photographer: Colin Roy Eastaugh Photography

Cosplay by: JuliettenotJuliet

Artemis has always fascinated me a lot (maybe because I have a thing for girls who are wonderfully skilled archers, idk). Also, even thought she’s the emblem of chastity, I’m pretty sure she’s gay (????)

Anyway she, together with Athena, is like a big sister to Kore/Persephone (well, they’re actually step-sisters, so we’re good).

the new baby vigilantes are wonderful and perfect