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I wonder if Butler is often the one to go to Artemis’s parent meetings all like: “Hello, I am /punny fake name that Artemis made up last night/, Artemis’s… guardian. Now may I ask why I am banned from the school property(even though I don’t have to be permitted by why just why)?”

And the school guards all subconsciously take a step back.

In the Young Justice Universe, Wally and Dick are really gay with each other, but they really aren’t. Same thing with Artemis and Zatanna. Dick and Artemis have the same friend group at Gotham Academy, so when Dick introduces them to Wally without Artemis, they assume that Dick and Wally are dating. Again, same for Arty and Zee. Then, when all four+ Dick and Artemis’s friend group all hang out, they think that either there’s cheating or it’s all one big foursome. The four find it hilarious.


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So I was scrolling through the tumblr void, and I found this ask that @bananannabeth had gotten. I screenshotted, and replied to it, since her ask was closed and I really liked the prompt. I hope that’s okay! But anyways, here’s a thing. Side note- I did skip the tattoo artist thing… Sorry!

Part 2 here:

Nico isn’t sure how many more hippie sun doodles he can take on his wrist.

“Will you quit doodling those stupid Suns?” He writes on his right wrist. A few minutes later, the reply comes in on his left wrist. “Only if you’d tell me your name already.”

Nico sighed. Alright, so he hadn’t even given his soulmate a hint about who he was. He hadn’t told him anything, his name, his age, nothing. It’s just- he’s not ready, in every sense of the word. He’s learned so much about Will, he’s 17, is a junior at his school’s rival high school, and he wants to be a doctor. From the doodle he drew of himself, he looks like he’ll be tall, blond, with a ton of freckles. He’s funny too, and really witty. He’s happy go lucky, and a bit of a hippy.

In short, he’s everything Nico isn’t. Nico just turned 14, he’s only in 8th grade. Too big of an age difference right now. He wears all black and skull tee shirts and an old aviator jacket he got from the thrift shop down the road from school. He’s quiet and unpopular and awkward.

And the worst? Nico is a he.

What if Will didn’t realize his soulmate was a guy? What if he’d never thought he might be bi, or gay, or anything else entailing him liking guys? And Nico doesn’t even feel ready to come out himself. He’s in 8th grade for crying out loud! 13 year olds are cruel, and he knows he wouldn’t be accepted yet.

So for now, Nico lets Will pour his heart and soul onto his left forearm, while Nico gives little of himself in return. Most days, Will as come to accept that he knows so little about his soulmate, and that he hasn’t gotten to meet him yet. But there are a few days when he’s just frustrated.

“Anything. Please. You know everything about me and I know nothing,” appears on Nico’s arm during Earth Science. He sighs, seeing Will’s messier than usual handwriting. He’s probably had a bad day.

Resigned, Nico writes back “I had a sister, and she was the best person in the world. She went to Artemis Academy in upstate New York.”

Will replies almost instantly. “What happened to her?”

Nico uses his hand sanitizer to wash his last sentence away to make more room. “She died. She was walking to a cafe with some friends, and it was icy. The driver couldn’t control the car, and he hit her,” Nico wrote. Further up his arm, he added “that was when I was 11, and Bianca was 14.”

Will didn’t write anything for a minute. Nico finished his work sheet the teacher had assigned, and as he was turning it in, new words appeared on his left forearm. “I’m really sorry that happened to you.”

“Thanks. It really sucked. She was my only real family so”

Nico could tell Will was happy to learn something about him, even if it wasn’t good things, because he continued to reply quickly.

“What do you mean?”

“Mom died when I was little. Dad-”

“Mr. di Angelo,” his teacher, Mr. Minos said. “Anything you’d like to share with the class?”


“No, sir,” he replied, smirking. He was a jerk, but Nico couldn’t afford another trip to the office, so he repeated the teacher.

By the time class had ended, Nico’s left arm was covered in “and?” “What about your dad?” “Are you still there?” “Haha I’m so funny” “but seriously, you okay?” “Oh god please be okay” “I don’t even know your name you can’t be not okay and leave your soulmate hanging like this.”

More continued appearing, so Nico finally wrote back “Chill, my teacher yelled at me for writing you during class, so I had to stop.”

The writing on his arm started to smudge away, and was replaced by “oh… Sorry…”

“It’s okay.”

“So… Your dad?”

“Straight to the point, huh Solace?”

“I mean, you don’t have to tell me”

“No, I was going to anyways, it’s fine,” Nico replies. He takes the hand sanitizer (bless this stuff) and clears his arm. “My dad runs a huge funeral home business. I mean, really big. He cheated on his wife with my mom… Twice. She had me and Bianca, and she died in an accident when I was four. So he moved us from Venice to the states and had us put into boarding schools.”

“Holy shit,” Will writes back. “That’s… Wow. It’s just my mom and me, as you know, but I still couldn’t imagine not having any family for so long”

Will doesn’t write anything for a moment, but before Nico can reply, “I’ll be your family,” appears on his arm.

Nico’s glad he’s already back in his dorm room, because he gets ready eyed at that.

“My last name is di Angelo,” he finally replies. He’s still not ready to come out, but he’s already given Will a lot today. Besides, he doesn’t have a Facebook, so he can’t stalk Nico and figure it out.

“di Angelo. I like it,” Will replies. “Thanks for today. I didn’t expect to learn so much.”

In reply, Nico just draws a little sun. He’s still not ready to go much further. But he’s making progress, and that’s what matters.

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Is Artemis Academy's some kind of highschool for rich kids?

Artemis Academy is a prominent privatized boarding school.

While there are plenty of the more refined class walking the campus it isn’t necessarily a place for the rich. The school prides itself on finding and aiding protégés to the best of its ability and those often come from more humble beginnings.

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That Highschool AU with the 7 does sound kinda cool. Could you please do it? Love your headcannons/AU's btw<3

  • Percy and Annabeth have been best friends since 6th grade when they got paired up on an Earth science project
  • they attend Olympus High School (the founder was obsessed with Greek mythology) one of the best public school’s in the tri-state area 
  • they get together the summer before 10th grade 
  • Percy is on the basketball team while Annabeth plays tennis and is captain of the All-State debate team 
  • their best friend Grover runs the school’s recycle program and has a community fundraiser so he can start a garden to make the school’s cafeteria self sustaining— they’re very proud  
  • at a basketball game Annabeth meets a trio of freshman, Jason, Piper, and Leo, and they all become friends 
  • Jason plays baseball because it’s what his dad wants 
  • Piper plays softball despite her mother’s desire for her to be a beauty queen 
  • Leo starts a robotics club and spends most of his free time at his mom’s mechanic shop helping her work on cars 
  • Jason’s half sister Thalia, who is a friend of Annabeth’s from summer camp when they were younger, goes to Artemis Academy, an elite all girls school just down the street 
  • Nico Di Angelo, who grew up in the same apartment building as Percy, also attends OHS and is a violin savant while his sister Bianca, an archery prodigy in her own right, attends Artemis Academy 
  • their cross town rival is a fancy prep school, Jupiter Academy, commonly referred to as The 12th because it was the 12th school founded in the region
  • Jason was supposed to attend The 12th with his friends Hazel (Nico and Bianca’s half sister), Frank, and Reyna but because of some last minute redistricting he ended up at Olympus 
  • the friend groups converge at Elysium, a popular roller rink owned by Nico, Bianca, and Hazel’s dad, every Saturday for milkshakes and nachos and arcade games