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I feel very conflicted.I keep being drawn to worship Artemis, but as a transguy I always hear that only females can be her followers. Are there any materials that you could provide me with?

I don’t have materials on that specific subject that I can pull out, but I do find it odd that people say that. Even in the myths, Artemis never shunned every single guy. Orion is the biggest example. She was worshipped by military and hunting forces in Sparta regardless of those groups’ gender (with the epithet Aeginaea). Overall, I’ve seen more records of Her being the patron Goddess of hunters and wild animals than girls and childbirth (although I won’t deny that that’s part of Her identity).

I haven’t worked with Artemis myself, so I can’t give you a solid answer. You can always ask Artemis what She thinks. You don’t have to be a woman to speak to Her. I’ll also open up this up to any followers who honor Artemis for some varying opinions on this. 

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how should I tell the moon I love her?

This is beautiful and I’m glad to be asked such a question, thank you

🌙 Bathe in her ethereal light whenever you can, softly singing 

✨ wear jewelry with her symbols to honor her

🌙 take midnight drives all alone and tell her about your day, she loves to listen to our stories

✨ visit any body of water near you, whether it be a pond, beach ocean, or creek. dip your toes in the water and let it heal you while she shines over you both

🌙 draw little portraits of her! on your notebook, your knuckles, your books…

✨ give in to glitter; put some sparkles on your body, especially your eyelids and clavicles

🌙 invest in something holographic, like stickers or little tin boxes, and dedicate them to her

✨ go sit in a garden under the moonlight with a bottle of wine, bring a glass for both her and yourself

🌙 dance in a forest during a half moon, wear flowy clothing and dangly jewelry to catch all her moonrays

✨ offer her something sweet or minty, like eucalyptus or andes candies, if you can

YJ theory time!

Guys what if at the start of the season the one leading the team is Artemis? HOW COOL WOULD IT BE?! We know Dick is working alone, Conner and Megan are probably living together and therefore retired because of these

Barbara BEING ORACLE is helping everyone like the badass she is but can’t get involved physically into action because you know… wheelchair…

So we have Kaldur, of whom we have no news and was the leader of the team at the end of season two AND Artemis who is still in action because of this….

So what if she’s not just a mentor for Cissie (Arrowette) BUT FOR ALL OF THEM. Beside…. First female leader of the team ya’ll, I’m warning you.


artemis: what’s this about?

rowdy: I just.. wanted to apologize. I was being kind of a dick to you before you moved in.

artemis: i see. thank you :^)

rowdy: Hopefully now that you’re here things will calm down a little bit. I just finished a new book, if you’d like to read it. It’s about you.

artemis: u know i don’t read

rowdy: I thought you might make an exception, since I wrote it for y-

artemis: no thanks. what’s for dinner tonight?

rowdy: Oh, um, taco casserole, unless you want to get pizza…

artemis: oh pizza ! yes !

rowdy: Pizza it is then..

artemis: and thank you again for the flower. :)


Remember when his helmet would sometimes have freaky facial features. Anyway, I have been sitting on this idea for so many months and the unfinished files just sat in my folder for weeks until now. Jay’s costume change next month kind of kicked my butt into gear heh

I like to think he has a giant warehouse full of helmets and that he gets his jackets from a magical wardrobe that produces an infinite amount. And that also leads to Narnia.

Every time you say her beauty is only beauty because she is broken, her mournful is her pretty, how the right man will fix her, she bares her teeth. She summons Athena from the marrow of her bones, she calls upon Artemis and her wolves to sharpen her claws, she brings out Nemesis in her eyes, a determination so powerful it could turn the sky storm black, and then she looks at you and asks, “Do you really think I need a man to fix me when the Goddesses have my back?”
—  Nikita Gill, If You Romanticise My Broken, My Broken Will Bite Back.

Greek Myth:         Goddesses  - Artemis ☾

Artemis was one of the most widely venerated of the Ancient Greek deities. Her roman equivalent is Diana. Homer refers to her as Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron: “Artemis of the wildland, Mistress of Animals”. In the classical period of Greek mythology, Artemis was often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo.