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Helpful Books for Indie Musicians & Label Owners

1. All You Need To Know About the Music Business - Donald S. Passman
This is the book that we recommend to everyone! This book is the bible of the music business. If you want to make it in today’s industry definitely pick up a copy of this book. Read it, highlight, take notes, and re-read it. This book will give you the tools and knowledge that make it almost impossible to be scammed in this corrupt business.

2. Start & Run Your Own Record Label - Daylle Deanna Schwartz
This book has the tools you need to run and understand labels! Even if you aren’t looking to start an indie label you should check out this book! It’s filled with websites and magazines that will help you promote your music.

3. Tour Smart & Break The Band - Martin Atkins
Looking to get on the road? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know how to manage a tour? Pick up this book! This book will help you to avoid making mistakes while booking a tour and while you are out on the road!

4. The Music Business (Explained In Plain English) - David Nagger
This book covers most of what “All You Need To Know About The Music Business” does. The only difference is that it’s straight to the point and simpler to read. If you have trouble understanding math, this book will be your best guide. 

5. What They’ll Never Tell You About The Music Business - Peter M. Thall
This is another book that covers it all and more! Be sure to get the most recent edition of the book! There are several!

The Journey - Ryan Cassata Music

This song was composed by Ryan Cassata in 2011. This was Ryan’s final project that he did in High School in the music theory III class. Ryan spent about 1 period, 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week working on this piece. Cassata plays all instruments in the song. The song contains about 34 tracks with 10 of them being piano tracks. All solos were played up to speed and there were no BBM changes upon the finishing of the composition. Please share this song and feel free to download it at no cost. Thank you.

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There’s some songs that make you think, some that make you laugh and others still that make you cry. With this album, you recieve a steady blend of all three. Brilliant, heartfelt melodies, coupled with creative lyrics that are delivered by vocals so beautiful that they rival a newborn’s smile, or sun dipped ocean waves crashing against the shore. Grass Hat is a personal favourite, but this album will have you wondering what the rest of us have been missing on Jupiter.
—  Greyhunter47 on Ryan Cassata’s new album:
Jupiter, It Won’t Be Long: The Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 3

Ryan Cassata’s “Hands of Hate” is 45 views shy of 10,000 views!

AR: When did Paging Grace form? Who are the members?
PG: Paging Grace formed in 2006. Our current line up consists of Chris Trentacoste (Lead Vocalist & Keys), Phil Firetog (Lead Guitarist) , Rafe Tangorra (Drummer), Will Ahrens (Guitarist), and Sam Trestman (Bassist).

AR: Has the lineup ever changed?
PG: Yes, We have gone under so many changes as a band. And we have had our plenty of some amazing musicians through out the times. Our first line up in 2006 consisted of Chris Trentacoste as Lead Vocals, & Phil Firetog as Bassist… with the addition of Anthony Machiano on Guitar, and Erik Reichstein on Drums. Later, Jason Turnier had filled the position of Drums…. Followed by our current drummer Rafe Tangorra. During the parting of Jason, Anthony had also left which we added the addition of Bryan Mulholland on Guitar, and David Wong on Electric Violin around 2010. David and Bryan soon then left… and Phil had finally found his place on Guitar, and Sam became an addition on Bass. Will Ahrens soon after had made his entrance into the band.

AR: What made your band inclined to form “Rock Out Autism?”
PG: Actually….Rock Out Autism was formed by our drummer Rafe Tangorra. As a band we try to help him out with it as much as we can but all credit goes to Rafe, on creating such an amazing organization.

AR: Has Rock Out Autism made your band more successful or more well known?
PG: Rock Out Autism has giving us so much exposure, we are just very happy to be part of such a great cause and be a part of the organization since the beginning.

AR: What has been your hardest struggle as a band?
PG: Our hardest struggle as a band seems to be the constant changing of musicians in our line-up. Though it hasn’t inhibited us from playing out live it does stunt our writing and growing process as a band. Its like Just when you feel you know your fellow band mate and are comfortable with writing and sharing your musical ideas with them - they leave and you have to go through the process all over again.

AR: What are your favorite venues to play?
PG: Jones Beach the past few summers have been a blast and surprisingly little hole in the wall, a bar called Mr. Beery’s it’s so much fun to be able to just play with no restrictions, no time constraints, and with some fellow musicians just hanging around the bar!

AR: Has your band been on tour? Do you have any crazy tour stories that you can share with us?
PG: We gone on a few mini tours but there’s nothing like playing throughout New York State. if you can make it here you can make it anywhere as they say. The few times we have gone out though nothing will ever be quite like the time we scared a bunch of teenage girls at a rest stop on our way out to Philly. Our singer Chris Trent is a psychic medium and he’s truly gifted. Anyways - he just decided to read a couple of girls and they got so freaked out we convinced them they were hexed and they had to buy 10 CDs to break it!…. And they did haha!

AR: What message would you give to young aspiring artists who are trying to make it in today’s industry?
PG: Don’t sound like everything else you won’t get signed, and if you do you wont be relevant for long. Stay ahead of the game! Be creative and inventive and most of all focus on image and stage presence make people believe you are the real deal on and off the stage. Music is a lifestyle not a hobby.

AR: Where can readers hear your music?
PG: iTunes, Spotify, CDbaby, Amazon, Pandora, ,

Richard Cortez - "Lived In" ALBUM REVIEW

Richard Cortez - Wollenberg Records - “Lived In”

This Valentine’s Day you are in for a special treat. Singer-songwriter and indie label owner, Richard Cortez, will be releasing, live album, “Lived In.” Cortez mixes beautiful folk guitar riffs with catchy vocal melodies that really pull you in and take you for a ride down to the last track, “Craving Something Beautiful”, which takes you on a journey from having a romance to losing that special someone and craving to feel it once again. Listeners will easily be able to relate with this song as Cortez explains his personal heartbreaking story. “It’s Over” (Track Number Two) follows “Be alright” and shows the strength that Cortez has to pull out of that relationship and move on and be strong once again. You can feel Cortez’s pain as he raises his voice towards the middle of the song, screaming “It’s Over!” along with some insults to his once-partner. “Over, Again” hits a soft spot and is a beautifully fit ballad and addition to the record. Track number three, “The Next Best Thing” will be the best thing. Not only is the guitar part catchy and grooving but the vocal melody is filled with hooks and the lyrics are alluring. Throughout the entire album Cortez stays lyrically honest and humble. After listening to the album listeners will know and understand Richard Cortez. Some lyrics on the middle track on the album, track number five, “Trainwreck” are “…my last chance…” “Trainwreck” will definitely make you put the album on repeat!

Cortez’s sophisticated guitar playing is similar to Ani Difranco. His voice and vocal melodies remind me of award-winning broadway musicals. Sonically, the album is very pleasing. For a live album the album has little flaws. Cortez stays on pitch and stays in rhythm but still sounds wonderfully natural unlike most rising artists today. The mix was done well and will definitely please listeners’ ears as it is clean and open and makes you feel like you are listening to Richard Cortez in your favorite cafe.

For all of the heartbroken people, you do not have to be alone this Valentine’s day, I recommend picking up a copy of this wonderful record and falling in love again. This album is easy to fall in love with. Ryan Cassata - Artemendous Records

Ryan Cassata - Artemendous Records