I came to the conclusion that, in some alternate universe where Skyrim and D&D collide, Arteah and Ioannes (certaintrumpets) would probably be friends. Or at least cooperative study partners. 

Badly scarred faces, anatomical curiosity, penchant for magic, cats (Jitters and Tymora)…

Arteah’s “cute” would probably grate on Ioannes, but she’d bake him a pie or some cake and hopefully all would be forgiven.

Anyway, I had a few ideas for pictures involving these two. I tried one tonight and it didn’t come out much like I imagined, but it was still fun. I probably should have spent more time on it, but the idea is there.

This is absolutely not a romantic picture. Irritated that it kind of looks that way. (She’s actually removing his hand from her face.) I was hoping to show how Arteah’s scars are a heavy sorrow for her, and she’s embarrassed to show them. She feels naked with her hood down, and for anyone to touch her face is a big show of trust on her part. I wanted to show her self-conscious sorrow and Ioannes’ more logical view of something that’s only skin deep and doesn’t really influence their work at all.

Blah, blah. Didn’t turn out like I wanted. I’ll try again some another time. Might as well share it, though.