Olvidá las reglas

Cada tanto se
acuerdan de que

me llaman,

no recuerdan que
odio los teléfonos,
pero atiendo igual,

me dicen que
guardan los recortes
del diario con mi

a veces hasta voy
y me ceban un mate,
hacen pizza para
la cena,

después retornan
a sus vidas,

yo no,

como las voy
a olvidar

si yo
las escribí.

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Chipper Harbin | Nashville Tennessee
Yesterday I had the privilege of tattoo some of the nicest, most interesting ppl. She is an art student studying in Paris and he is studying physics at Georgia State University. They both think about art and life in a much deeper level. They both were unbelievably encouraging to my career and inspiring to be around. I learned a great deal from both of them. Thank you Michelle and Dylan for letting me create w/ you. And thank you for your support. Check out to see her beautiful paintings @safehousetattoo

Vista desde el patio de la estancia y hall de entrada, Casa Santiago Reachi, 2 Humboldt 61, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México 1954

Mural de Diego Rivera

Arqs. Arqs. Víctor de la Lama, Héctor Velázquez, Ramón Torres Martínez

Foto. Guillermo Zamora

View from the patio of the livingroom and foyer, Casa Santiago Reachi, 2 Humbolt 61, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 1954

Mural by Diego Rivera