arte sketch

Hey there Tumblr visitors. I’m starting to rethink a lot of my social media platforms. What with recent changes in ownership to Tumblr, it’s harder to justify centering my entire social media presence around here. To that end in the near future I’ll be shifting focus directly to Patreon and making that a mix of paid and free posts.

I’ll still be using Tumblr. (and twitter, and deviant art, and probably a few other platforms in the future) But I’m honestly wary about where this website will be in the next few months. According to the numbers I have something like 16,000 followers but the amount of engagement I get is roughly equal to my twitter followers at a mere 800. It could be entirely about HOW I use this site but it’s also true that not as many people use Tumblr anymore.

All that said, I’m not shutting down the site but I’m taking advice from other people to adapt ahead of various worst case scenarios. (it should be noted that Patreon isn’t a hundred percent sure it’s going to be around forever either) To that end, I’ll still be posting art here but more as a satellite for content I host elsewhere. And I’ll still engage with followers that approach me here.

If you’d like to get in touch now so we stay in touch in the future, feel free to message me. My inbox has always been open.