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Spell to be Heard

Grab a lipstick, chapstick, or anything you prefer. Write a pentacle on a surface, place the lip item in the center.  I chose to embellish mine with crystals and items that called to me, but they are not necessary. Once you place the lip item in the center, say these words.

“My words are power

I am Heard

I am valid”

May it be!

Use this spell on any of your lip items! Use it for poetry, work meetings, voicing your needs. Enjoy!

@comattoze tagged me to show my face so here you go a good old picture of ya local graveyard kid 2 weeks ago when I went to go see In This Moment. Literally one of the best nights of my life and hopefully will be doing again.
Time for me to tag soooo let’s pick

@caffinenight @bitchhpunk @muttpunk @gothdadgrrrl @yrlocalraccoon and @braatphomet cuz I highly enjoy seeing all their amazing faces and so should all of my followers
Punk Patch Swap

I am organising a punk patch swap, this will be my first one on tumblr but I have done this with artist trading cards and patches on facebook a few times and everyone has always had great fun.

This is a great opportunity to get rid of those unwanted patches that everyone has cluttering up the back of their sewing box. 

If you are anything like me you have bought large bags of random patches, traded or bought patches then decided they didn’t fit your original intentions, made a bunch of ones to sell or give away and have some left over, or just not got around to sewing them on then gone off them. Well this is your chance to refresh your collection and maybe find something really cool and unusual for your next punk clothing project.

It’s really simple and cheap to take part in. You are guaranteed to get back the same number of patches that you put in and it’s really exciting to see what cool art you get back.

How it works:

  1. You stuff an envelope full of your unwanted patches and a prepaid self addressed envelope. 
  2. You mail it to me
  3. I make a note of who sent how many patches, then swap them all over so everyone gets the same amount of new patches that they sent and will try and roughly match size and quality (embroidered for embroidered, back patch for back patch, hand painted for hand painted, screen printed for screen printed, tipex scrawl for tipex scrawl etc)
  4. I send you back the patches in your self addressed prepaid envelope.
  5. One day in the near future, when you have half forgotten about this, maybe a day when you are feeling blue or rough, you get an envelope stuffed with random patches to cheer you up! It’s like Christmas! But less annoying relatives and more Punk. 


  1. You get back the same quality/number of patches you sent.
  2. If you want less back than you send (some people have donated extras or misprints from large screen print runs before) put a letter in explaining.
  3. Don’t send candy through the post as a thank you to me, no offense but I won’t eat anything that gets sent by internet strangers, also I’ve had chocolate melt onto patches/artist cards before by well meaning individuals and it causes massive issues.
  4. You only get patches back if you remember to put your self addressed prepaid envelope in. I can’t afford to pay for postage for everyone who forgets. I will attempt to contact blogs if there is a genuine mistake, if I cannot find out who left their envelope out I will just split the patches up and people get bonus ones. It’s only happened once before, but it’s worth stressing.
  5. It is absolutely fine to send multiples of the same patch if you are someone who makes large screen print runs. 
  6. The patches don’t have to be political/punk band orientated but it would be better if they are. But ouja board patches, animal skull patches, switchblade patches, pop culture patches have all been included and appreciated before by people.
  7. Unacceptable patches include: Pin buttons/badges (aka, things that aren’t cloth patches), random scouting badges and stuff that isn’t really super punk (message me first if you aren’t sure & alt right/neo nazi patches (these will be disposed of and you won’t get anything back). 
  8. I will try to match quality and size of patches you send, but exact matches might not always be possible. I will do my best.
  9. If you think you are gonna send something weird or unusual (like 30 of the same patch, or patches printed on weird fabric or faux fur or something) message me first to discuss it.
  10. I’m based in the UK, so if you are posting from outside Europe just be aware it might be slightly more costly for your, but patches are normally cheap to post even if you send a couple of dozen.
  11. Any questions message me.

We’re doing a submission callout for our zine and art show by asking one question “What’s it like being a punk of colour?”. 

From your lived experience, you can answer this in any 2-D format (or 3-D or video for the art show) a poem, a photo, a story, a painting, a sculpture, a scene report of the punx of colour in your town (even if it’s just you, maybe especially if it’s just you), whatever format is appropriate for your work.  

deadline is march 11th.

more info and detailed specs here!