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TOP 50 RILAYA MOMENTS (as voted by my followers):
♡ #5. - girl meets creativity. 

you mean let’s go watch some art, or read some art, or listen to some art. because movies, and books, and music are art. i do go outside riley! i watch the light move during the day. and you know what happens at 5:30? you turn gold. everything is more beautiful at the beginning and the of the day and I want people to see that. I want to capture that. 

+bonus; “how close were you to breaking?”


From the outside, this seems like a perfectly innocent pair of doodles. And, at the time, that’s all it was.
Little did we know that the story behind this would completely spiral and evolve into what became arc 4. Arc 4, for its entirety, was supposed to be a singular chapter. [Full breakdown below the cut. Some interesting history on how the story of TH has evolved from its first two weeks of development.]

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so its christmas now