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Yoooooo can do you a tutorial or walk through or review or something like that for drawing tablets and software thank you :>

oooh boy i can try but my experience is pretty limited overall lol


Wacom Bamboo Fun 

My very first tablet. Got it as a christmas gift in 6th grade

Pros - Affordable (i think it was like $60), Small, Easy use, Highly recommend for a first time user who’s unsure if they want to draw start getting into digital art or not (people sell used ones on amazon or eBay). Came with a mouse which i still have no reason why but it’s definitely a bonus

Cons - Small, No Pen Pressure (at least i never learned how to set it up), also never set up the shortcut keys or utilized the buttons. Buttons placed in weird spot at the top and were uncomfortable to try and use. Cord is pretty short too. “Eraser” on pen never worked. 

Wacom Bamboo Create 

My 2nd tablet that again i received as a gift in 8th grade after my first tablet broke. 

Pros - Much larger, had actual space to work. Pen Pressure and shortcut buttons all worked. A comfortable size to sit on a desk and draw. The “2nd level tier” of tablet. More expensive but worth the upgrade (I think it was around $250)

Cons - Not really any cons to this. A great tablet for artists of all levels. This tablet lasted me 4 years before the cord finally broke (which was an easy fix).

Wacom Intuos Pro Large

My current tablet that i’ve had for 4 years and favorite of all 3

Pros - IT’S WIRELESS. It’s huge, literally the size of a newborn baby. It’s got a ton of awesome keyboard shortcuts and the stylus feels great. Comes with a bunch of really cool nibs that all have a definite “different feel”. Very durable, I’ve dropped this or had it slide off my lap numerous times and have not had any damage done. The only tablet that i actually constantly use the shortcut keys

Cons - It’s huge. It can’t sit on my desk, I have to have it sit on my lap when i draw (which i now prefer but can take time to get used to). It’s expensive (about $500). The wireless battery has been starting to run low (constantly having to charge it now) but it’s expected after lasting for so long. 

Drawing Programs

(these are only the ones i personally have experience with, there ARE other programs out there)

MS Paint - The beginner program all of us used. Can actually create some pretty complex artwork if you’re patient and willing to spend time on it. No pen pressure, limited tools and brush sizes. 3/10

dA Muro - Yes there are actually people who create art with deviantArt Muro. Don’t ask me why. It’s okay i guess. Not really much you can expect from a program like this. MS Paint’s ugly older brother. 4/10

Gimp - I don’t really have much experience with this, but i’ve heard it’s great. Another good beginner program. The setup is a little weird and the brushes are pretty limited, but it’s awesome for a free program. 6/10

SAI - Really weird layout and takes some time getting used to. No pen pressure again, but has cool brushes and blending tools that compensate for it. A bit limited in terms of effects/layers you can use, but overall a good program. 7/10

Photoshop CC - The best program. You can do everything and anything, Wanna animate? Go for it. Wanna work with a 3D model? Go for it. Hundreds of brush options and customizations. The most “advanced” drawing program of these listed. Easy format that relates across almost all adobe products (if u learn photoshop u can easily learn other adobe programs). 10/10