arte ibiza

Techno is art. It is a specific language that with no words says more than anything else. It is a culture that in such a short time influenced more people than any other religion did on this earth. Techno music talks about love, positive vibe, emotions, relaxation. It is a different kind of sound made for people, to make them dance and experience feelings they never knew before. Music is like any other tool. You can use it to destroy the world or to do something magnificent. We choose to make this earth a better place for all of us.

We feed, we’re food. 

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 In Bloop Festival, Ibiza, 2013.

In better quality (11MB).

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Soynagai: another Geisha wall in Ibiza.

I put in a lot of effort to make the piece blend with the wall as much as possible. This included making a lantern out of the window (check the night pic), using the line of the flowered tree to define the back of the left Geisha’s head (in the straight on pic), blending the dress and back around the corner so that the perspective would like from the road to approaching cars and even painting a pillar at the top of the wall to look like a head decoration… phew!!!!