Rare portrait of the first and only king of Haiti, Henri Christophe, who ruled from 1811 to 1829

This painting shows the portrait of the first and only king of Haiti, known as Henri Christophe.

Christophe was born as a slave in 1767 in Grenada. As a boy he worked on a sugar plantation in Santo Domingo and finally joined the Haitian Revolution against France in 1793, working his way up to become General. The French were defeated and Haiti gained independence. Henri Christoph then made himself the ruler of northern Haiti, his former comrade Alexandre Petion ruled in the south of the island.

In 1811 he formed his territory into a monarchy and appointed himself King Henry I. in 1811. He tried to create a feudal state, building, among other things the magnificent residence Sans Souci, in reference to the Prussian King Friedrich II