Estaba dibujando unas cosas hasta que esto salio de la nada de mi cabeza :v las cosas es que el trio maravilla (los que venden sus servicios malvados men ) se llevaron a Chrys por ordenes de un personaje misterioso (?) y Bendy como buen esposo que es (?), ira por ella osea ya se armo sdfs espero pasar lo mejor y en full HD y en orden pero como se que casi nunca acabo nada lo subo mejor asi como boceto XDDD yo y mis ideas random sdfsdf 

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Duktales 2017 Headcanon Part 6

Okey, It was stated by one of the creators that Louie is his favourite when confident.

This got me thinking, what if Louie is a huge social-networker? He’s on Twitter (they’ll probably call it ‘Chirper’) and Facebook (FacePage) and he talks about his life with Donald Duck, his brothers and later Scrooge.

This could also mean that someone pointed out to him that Scrooge is his uncle but Louie didn’t care.(This explains why his reaction to Donald taking them to see him was just ‘You’re finally gonna sell us.’)

Webby also knows about his various different sites and follows him, explaining why she took a feather of his head in her first introductory short. She feels she knows him a little, so she spends more time asking the other two questions as they don’t go on social media. (Huey always claims he’s to busy and Dewey just doesn’t get the attraction, though they’re both supportive of the stuff Louie does on there.)

Talking of which as well as generally talking about life, Louie draws, he posts stuff on his page and also posts art on DeviantArt (ArtDeviant)

He has a lot of followers, but finds it difficult to express himself the same way verbally.

The reason he always has his phone with him is because he doesn’t want to miss anything. (He responds to every one of his followers when possible)

Basically Louie uses his phone as a sort of safety crutch.

So following this, this will lead to an episode where Louie posts something on social media (say a selfie with Scrooges dime) leading to enemies (like Magica De Spell knowing where it is. It might even be the thing that kicks of the first episode.

And Scrooge doesn’t warn him against it because he doesn’t understand ‘All this fancy-nancy techno stuff.’