How it went down...
  • Kevin: Murphy! Hey, we need to have a talk.
  • Ryan: Sure, Kevin, what's up?
  • Kevin: I just looked at this here script, and, um- I'm playing a girl.
  • Ryan: What's wrong with playing a girl?
  • -Amber Walks In-
  • Amber: Hey, Kev. Looks like I'll be playing the Brittany to your Santana.
  • Kevin: Wut?
  • Amber: Yeah! We get to snuggle and be all cute with each other. Isn't it great?
  • -Winks and walks back out-
  • Kevin: Get me my weave and cheerleader skirt.

Somewhere in his home, Chord is looking at all of Amber’s pictures, and he’s sharpening his knife because Ryan took Samcedes away from him.

Kevin is basking in the glory that is his future wife.

Mark is wondering if Ryan would be totally opposed to having a Puckcedes reunion in L.A,

And Harry is biting on his fist, because of as beautiful as his girlfriend is, she isn’t Amber.

And they’re all having heart palpitations because Amber be a heartbreaker lately. With her interviews, and the talk shows, and singing at events, and the twitter pictures.

And no one can convince me otherwise.