Fatal Fairytales - Rapunzel

She is nothing more than a damsel in distress to them - a girl who needs to be saved, but the truth is, she’s grown accustomed to her tower. They call to her, and she obliges, letting her hair down to them, watching them climb to her, but none of them every notes the bones of the men before them entangled in the briar below. They see her high walls as a way to keep her in, when they have become a way to keep them out, and the last thing they hear before they meet the ground far below is a sweet lullaby - calling to the next man who believes it’s his born duty to rescue her. 

{inspired by}

N is for Napover!

syn: 😑, me rn, me errday, mood

(art used with permission from @artbymoga, go read her comics and find joy)

[image description: drawing of a person bundled in blankets with a grumpy gaze peering out of the blanket cave, saying “No.”; text above says “napover: noun, the sluggish, fuzzy-brained inability to function that can follow a short period of sleep; a nap hangover”]

Love Your Artist/Artist Appreciation Week

The list o’ amazingly talented people (in no particular order) who take time out of their lives to create. And in doing so, y’all spread happiness across the internet.
You folk are hella rad, hella cool and super awesome people that I admire! Thank you for doing what you do, y’all are huge inspirations!! 

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I’m sure I missed some people, but know that you are still greatly appreciated! Have a kick ass week everyone!