This is going to sound corny af.  But I just got my first commissioned Sherlolly piece from @artbylexie  (one goal for this year down!)

I’m not ashamed to say I might have teared up and squealed.  It is so freaking beautiful and I just want to hug it.

Edit:  Okay in the time I was squealing over this and posting this, Lexie sent me the watermarked picture for posting. 

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!!!!!!!  My heart!  

@artbylexie is the sherlolly art goddess.  

oldmovieslover  asked:

hiiii fellow sherlolly shipper, could you please tell me where I could find your header image to save and love for the rest of my life??? Thanks!

Here is the closeup I used to make my header:

And here is the full, gorgeous image:

Enjoy! This is a work I commissioned from @artbylexie so please don’t repost, just reblog, and always give credit!

A silly Sherlolly headcanon for @artbylexie and @lono285. <3 to both of you.

One of the ridiculously endearing things that Molly Hooper had not expected to find out about Sherlock Holmes was that the man could fall asleep anywhere. Anywhere. He had a tendency to push his body until it gave out and it would give out in the strangest of places.

One time, she came home to find him standing at her kitchen counter, snoring and surrounded by a puddle of orange juice. There had been more times than she could count when she has come home and found him asleep on her couch, slumped over her coffee table, or curled up in her hallway. Often, she’ll find Toby perched on top of him.

When she could, she would coax him awake and get him to the bedroom and into bed, but sometimes he would bat her away and stubbornly stay asleep. She’d usually take a blanket and cover him up, kiss his forehead, and then carefully sidestep him to go about her day.

From @artbylexie

*throws confetti* 

I was sent your post about your letters live experience by a friend. Glad you had a great time and OMG YOU TOOK THE CALENDAR WHAT. LOL. I’m glad it was a collection of my best work and not…like…some weird random response to a troll drawing. 

(I’m actually cackling to myself about that a bit)




(ooooh, I get to prove I’m not a robot to a robot!)

Me: It was fantastic and Loo took her time flipping through it and I’m so happy I got to be the one to show it to her!! Thank YOU for your amazing art!


Mike, I need you to help me,” he stated breathlessly, leaning over the desk. “Molly just left for a professional conference this morning. It’s urgent that I find her! Where is the conference located?”
“Hm, let’s see…” Mike typed away on his keyboard, frustratingly slowly by Sherlock’s estimation. He scanned the screen for a moment and then finally looked back at Sherlock. “Ah, it looks like she was headed to a week long lecture held at Cambridge University.”
Sherlock’s eyes widened and he whipped out his phone to search train schedules, speaking aloud to himself as he did.
“Molly lives nearest to Kings Crossing. She sent that email a bit over an hour ago, apparently shutting her mobile off when leaving home. So likely sending it just a little while before leaving her flat, which means she’d probably be taking the…eleven fifteen train!”
He quickly clapped Stamford on the arm. “Thank you, Mike, you’ve been very helpful! Got to run!
—  Half Agony, Half Hope- ch 10, by writingwife83 & artbylexie

Thank you so, so much @artbylexie for this beautiful gift. It’s an illustration for my story “On Thin Ice.” Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you love his helmet hair? Lexie created the team logo, which I also love! And Molly even has the white towel!!

In spite of herself Molly laughed, then swatted him [John] on the shoulder with the ubiquitous white towel she carried during every game.

Thank you again, so very, very much!!!