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October 01, 2014

Hello dearest reader!

If you are receiving this email, you have been added to the Newest of newest Most exciting monthly (personally written; nothing robotically-generated here, folks!) finger-typed newsletter ma-bob for KitschyFresh (aRt by fRed).

Yes, hello again!

this is fRed velvet (folk artist othertimes known as kathryn burnett and hiladina Spuff).

So, i decided to start this newsletter.
Once a month, I’ll drop a line with highlights regarding artwork and any other such and what’s.

A lot has happened in recent times…

You might have heard that after Almost Seven long years I finally quit the corporate bookstore life. Hallelujah! Praise be! I took the leap and made a dash for Freedom finally persuing my aRtwoRk and focusing more and MORE of my time and efforts on aRt.

Currently I am…..
-painting acrylic landscapes, working on a series of plein aire/ public studies
-in the middle of piecing together a made-of-scrap completely-handsewn quilt
-practicing my toy'sized accordion & my kazooing, Almost every day even
-recording the beginnings of an EP, featuring tiny tunes and short jams for fRee download once completed
-drafting the outline for an Ebook on holistic petcare for fRee download once completed
-decided to turn my handmade thRed into fabric bowls, figuring out a pattern still and outsourcing a little help in construction

For some of you, the last time we pixelated information was when I was still involved in a super groovy Sounding start-up hybrid non-profit artist collective. Long story short? A weirdo wanna-be hippie cult. …luckily I am getting better at noticing Red Flags in Group Projects!
But, every wrong turn brings new adventures, and through my work at the collective I made a few friends and have been inspired to Start giving fRee aRt lessons to the public Once the weather warms up, and luckily I’ll have a few months to collect supplies, I am going to begin this endeavour.

The family will be looking for new housing this month, which unfortunartely means KitschyFresh Productivity may suffer… But one never knows! Perhaps it will Triple!

Check out Larry Blamire and his’ films. A brilliant&absurd Writer/Director/Actor If you can get your eyes on a copy of “The Trail of the Screaming Forehead,” you won’t regret it!

To find the most current and updated rather regularly, check out my blog on tumblr.

Thank you for your time and attention!

Feel free to contact me at

[Always HandMade and OneofaKind]

fRed velvet
alien advocate, bRaid fantastic, & folk aRtist