“All this time,
I never claimed to know you
or the paths that called your feet
to meet them.
But within the spiraled patterns
of our soul’s journeys (knotted like vines),
my heart couldn’t help but remember you
from another lifetime.
Where our hearts met before, too,
and our missions entwined like two rays of sunshine,
searching brilliantly for the darkness
to fill with the purity and grace of the new.
How I hoped this time
it would be different.
Like last time I hoped you wouldn’t have come and went.
But come and go you did,
yet your smile you left,
with your piercing blue eyes
holding their fenced-in intent
of departure.”
||that way a nighttime dream with a soul from the past, can re-surface all of the feelings you had for and about them. and they’re lifetimes away now, but your mind and heart can’t forget, so they invite them back to share a dream space with you, where time ceases to exist..and you can tell and teach one another everything you were supposed to, before your paths were trained apart again.||

“The life of a creative: Stopping mid-errand run to sit in the car in a shopping mall, simply because the energy of inspiration and turmoil became so strong, I had to put it to paper; I had to get it out and manifested in some way. This is what’s been relentlessly eating at me: why does existing on this damned planet have to be so fucking expensive - costing heart and soul, physical strength and material resources? I absolutely cannot cope with it. I absolutely cannot fit the mold. I feel like I nearly go blind from endlessly comparing myself to other seemingly ‘better-adjusted’ earthlings. Woman, man, child, the successful, the content, the happy, the fulfilled, fame-struck, and satisfied; any and all. And I think, ‘what is it that they’ve ‘got,’ what is it that they ‘have down’ that I just don’t have, or don’t understand yet? I make my mind and heart crazy trying to uncover the secret answer to that question that haunts me. I feel…first of all, too much, but also that my heart knows I have so much to give, I have SO much to create here. It may not be big or mountain-moving, or worthy of revolutionizing anything significant. But regardless, I feel that it’s important, and specifically mine. And that it needs to affect the ‘right’ people, even if not very many. The current reflection of this world-in-transition, though, makes me impossibly discouraged: how am I to find the belief in myself, the resources and the strength, the money and the faith, the wits and the bravery to do what I came here to do? The answer still escapes me. The question still haunts me.” #journalspilling #nighttimethoughts #artbydalaynagrace

#tbt It’s not Thursday, but I don’t care. I’m a rebel. Even though I haven’t felt much like painting this last year, I really do miss it. The incredible high you can get from painting hours into the night is unmatchable. I know my canvases and paints are patiently waiting for me though…awaiting their eventual transmutation into something so much more.

#fbf to a semi-collab, conceptual figure study, from one of my creative drawing classes. The process behind this one is worth sharing: my favorite art professor had students+easels in a circle surrounding a model, and for 2 minutes we’d make marks on our paper (more conceptual and unusual marks, than observationally realistic). Then we’d rotate to the drawing being worked on to our left. After 11 or 12 times of this rotation, having drawn on 11 or 12 collaborative studies, it was neat because, in a way, all of the drawings were ours, yet none of them were. After that, we were to go to our original drawing we “began,” and spend another 20 minutes or so developing it and “making it our own.” This was mine. ✏️🎨 #figuredrawing #artbydalaynagrace #flashbackfriday

“we were given no maps
in the middle of this illusion,
spilling into the outer boundaries of space,
and spiraling into cycles of time -
of the day, season, & year.
it’s the instability in the regions of the unknown
that emerges as a fear of being abandoned, segregated, and separated in spaces; a feeling of anxious flux.
and we are the mirrors of the world.
each represents a door or portal,
a sharper focus,
a realm of possibility,
an essential part of the complete picture.
the fate we create is elusive and in flux,
and passed in front of the horizon’s light.
painted with visions of nature
and reflected as colored light and elegant sculptures,
these canvases reveal the true reflection
of the energy we’re striving to embody.” #artbydalaynagrace #freeassociating #poetry #artonthefloor