Chapter 3.

Forgot to post this chapter as a set before now. It’s a lot of fun to see how a chapter looks like as a whole! I’m happy with it.

On another note: Currently working on chapter four! It’ll be only three pages long, but I think that’s fitting, as stuff starts to feel quite intense. 


I’d like to share my version of a russebukse with you.

A russebukse is a pair of pants, usually red and baggy, that Norwegian high school graduates wear a month or so before they graduate.

They are decorated in all manners of ways, making each pair of pants as individual as their owner. Some put more effort into that than most. But a russebukse nevertheless tells you a lot about the person wearing it. 

I drew 151 Pokémon.

Rough draft of what Elfangor’s little ship is going to look like in the comic.

First time I’ve tried to come up with my own space ship design, so forgive me if it doesn’t look as neat as in your imagination.

Tried to follow the descriptions in the book as closely as possible, and referenced heavily of Serenity from the Firefly series, just because I like that ship. (It’s the only one I’ve drawn before. cx )


Look at me making things out of carboard. Can you guess what it’s supposed to be a model of? I guess those little drawings provide additional hints. cx 

It’s not really as smoothly carved as it could have been, but it’s only intended as a reference for further drawing, so I figured I’d survive.

Also included a progress pic from when the cross-planes weren’t carved yet, because I thought it looked kind of funky like that.

Screenshot from the finished first page of Core!

I’ll be uploading the cover for the prologue and pages 1 and 2 next saturday~

I’m VERY excited to finally start posting some pages.

(I can’t promise regular comic updates, though, studying industrial design takes irregular chunks of time off my hands.)