Making buttons for Art Mania!! It’s this Saturday, July 11th 5-10pm in from of the Yost Theater!!! 💕if you are coming and you want me to draw you, I’m doing 4"x4" portraits for $5!! DM me if interested!!💘🌈😘🎨🌷✨#doodle#drawing#diy#buttons#dtsa#konseptproject#artmania#illustration#abstract

Instagram: @beverlysalas
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Checkout this amazing drawling @beverlysalas did for us! Lyric from an unreleased song on our unreleased album. She has a psychedelic setup at the #ocartwalk in #downtownsanta you should checkout every first sat of the month. There’s another lyric illustration of ours she drew but she might of sold it! Haha so if you bought something from Beverly last SAT double check we’d love to see it #artbybeverly

Hey guys!!! Just finished this drawing and experimented with a pink pen that I got from a pack at the 99 cents store! It came with a million other colors so I will try out those sometime soon as well! :D This drawing was mainly drawn while listening to Bjork and The Black Lips. It’s so funny to see how every drawing turns out differently depending on what music I listen to :O haha anyways, I didn’t feel like adding a quote haha so I didnt add anything except my signature :P if you want, you can go ahead and like my facebook page: !!! <3xoxox Thank you guys for all the support! hope you like it! hahah

Hey you guys!!! While I figure things out with my Etsy and explore different ways to share my artwork with you guys, I MADE A SOCIETY 6!!!!!!!! I have a few iPhone cases, iPhone skins, prints and shirts! Hope you guys enjoy it!!!! :) my Etsy will include stickers, buttons and other goodies I can’t get to you through society 6 (with better prices) ;D the prices on Society 6 aren’t what I’d usually price things… Ask anyone that goes to my art shows haha I’m not about making art for money, but making art for art’s sake. If you guys want something specifically made into a print or case, let me know! :) I will be more then glad to put it up as soon as I can! Thanks again for all the support you guys! I cannot thank you enough! :)
Link is also in my bio!
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Sooo I decided to make shaped stickers of my drawings! hahah I kept making square ones, and idk why they seemed kinda lame but these seem a little better! haha I’ll be selling sticker packs soon ^_^ I didn’t want the background to be white so i just put my ariel pink record case thing so they stickers wouldnt look so boring hahah I have way more coming soon, but i was too lazy to cut them hahah

thanks for the support you guys!

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Hey guys! There’s a special deal right now for all my instagram, tumblr, and Facebook homies! You can get $5 off anything in my Society 6 shop ( ANDDD free worldwide shipping by clicking the link in my bio! (This offer is only available if you go to the link i have provided!) Thank you guys so so so much for all the support, it means the world to me!!! :“) #society6#artbybeverly#illustration#abstract#art

“Rings of flowers ‘round your eyes, and I’ll love you for the rest of your life..”
-Two Headed Boy pt. 2 by Neutral Milk Hotel ✨little doodles in my sketchbook with some of my fave nmh lyrics ✨

Instagram: @beverlysalas
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