Production Time!

We love to talk about production.  We have our favorite producers and we will try new folks who come highly recommended.  We research the heck out of producers that we haven’t used before.  It’s so important that a producer understands that the client is, well, the client and has the checkbook, that the agency is hiring and making sure that they are getting paid, and that the photographer and his/her team needs a lot of TLC and support.  It takes a strong production company to manage all of these personalities and needs.

We were catching up on Heather Elder’s blog recently and were thrilled to see her comment on the relationship between agency and production company: 

Production Companies

More and more agencies are beginning to make suggestions as to whom the photographer uses for production and often times they are requesting specific production companies. Now that art producers are being required to understand and produce videos, they are more savvy with the value of a production company. They are even sometimes more willing to pay the extra money involved with the larger productions just to have the peace of mind that goes along with having more people involved in a production. Not all clients can support the larger budgets but I suspect that having a hand in choosing a producer is something we will see more of in 2013.

Heather speaks the truth.  We really do like to have a relationship with our producers.  It’s so important when we are traveling as a group, or that they care if someone on our team has dietary restrictions, or they know how our billing works for advances and invoices, and that they support the photographer and his/her team in a completely positive way.   We want everyone to have a great shoot!  The better the production looks and the more buttoned up, the better the photographer and crew looks and that can mean repeat business just because the shoot felt “easy” to the client.  We call it “smoke and mirrors” but know how much work it takes to make it seem effortless.

We are sure that if you speak with any Art Buyer/Producer that she can give you a nightmare production story.  This may be why this is a growing trend.  We are all for it.  It’s nice to have someone who is a lover.  A great producer is a very special person.

Check out Heather’s blog.  She is a great resource for how the industry operates and she has a strong commercial roster to boot!